View Poll Results: Which of your talent trees do you consider most iconic to your class?

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  • Discipline

    5 6.25%
  • Holy

    61 76.25%
  • Shadow

    12 15.00%
  • Undecided

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    Which of your talent trees do you consider most iconic to your class?

    –adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an icon. 2. Art . (of statues, portraits, etc.) executed according to a convention or tradition.

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    Why did you make three threads?

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    Elemental Shamans thos i think all 3 specs works perfeckt fore the class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siton View Post
    Why did you make three threads?
    He's doing one for each class, as far as I can tell; personally, I think they're a lot of fun.

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    I've always played Holy, so in my mind Holy is the most connected to playing a Priest.
    But the most iconic is a hard one. I mean, Priests are generally considered to be healers, reversing damage, aiding wounded allies, defying death so that would be Holy.
    But a Priest must also be in touch with him/herself. He must understand the Light as much as he does him/herself, through meditation and introspection. He can draw on his soul and that of his allies to prevent damage from happening, to help his allies through the rough times. This would be Discipline.
    But a true Priests also knows that for each Light there is also Shadow. S/He understands that Light and Shadow are two sides of the same coin, and if needed a Priest can reach out to the Shadow and harness its power. Shadow is as much part of a Priest's life as the Light is, sometimes even more so.

    So I don't think there is one true iconic spec for Priests. Each spec represents a different aspect of the way of the Priest.
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    gotta say Holy, as for the CLASS it's the most Iconic, Holy priest where THE healers in Vanilla, and a good chunk of TBC, just like Prot warriors where THE tanks, and I see that as being fairly Iconic even to this day there are people who see Shadow as leveling, Disc as PvP and Holy as THEY priest raid spec.

    of course that said I still prefer disc :P as it has a unique feel to it, that you can't really get with other healers.
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    All of them?
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