View Poll Results: Which of your talent trees do you consider most iconic to your class?

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  • Affliction

    71 60.68%
  • Demonology

    34 29.06%
  • Destruction

    8 6.84%
  • Undecided

    4 3.42%
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    Which of your talent trees do you consider most iconic to your class?

    –adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an icon. 2. Art . (of statues, portraits, etc.) executed according to a convention or tradition.

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    Death coil. Death knight PoV.

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    Affliction because we are often labeled at the ''dot'' class
    or demonology because the ''pet'' class, even though like more and more classes are getting permanent pets

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    affliction, demonology and necromancy (only available for Cult of the damned )

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    I think deamonology is.. however i find affliction the funnyest

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    Maybe if destro had more green fire it'd get a vote.

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    ummm demonology...its all about demons...destro is like mages, and afflic is like spriests [in a sort of way dont attack me :P]

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    I think it really depends on what origin story you feel most affiliated with. Destruction Warlocks are Mages who fell from the graces of the Council of Dalaran because they went to extreme lengths to gain power. Demonology Warlocks are those who seek power by taming the creatures that dwell in the twisting nether and absorbing their essence. Affliction Warlocks destroy their opponents by twisting the fabric of reality surrounding them, using it to corrupt and destroy their opponents body and soul.

    These three different paths to power are evident in the playstyles of each specialization, even though the goal is the same: limitless power with which to destroy your opponent, regardless of the risk to friend or self. We seek to annihilate all those who would challenge us, and that is what has brought us together as fellow Warlocks.

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    I've always thought of warlocks as a debuffing class, mages that curse their foes with disease and decay. To me, demons are a secondary part of the class (and I wish they weren't mandatory for all 3 specs) so I pick affliction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukki View Post
    ummm demonology...its all about demons...destro is like mages, and afflic is like spriests [in a sort of way dont attack me :P]
    Spriests are sort of like Affliction. :P

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    To me warlocks are all about curses and "killing them slowly" so to that I put Affliction.

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    destro shouln't be a talent tree for a warlock :O

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    All trees fit warlocks nicely so I think all of them. Even tho I think destro should be more about burst damage cause atm its very dotty and we have aff already.

    I think some specs fits some races better tho just lorewise, far from me to imply that you should play this.

    Gnome: Destro ofc gnomes just care about raw destruction without thinking of the consequences, Last time a "summoner" gnome warlock made something Lord Jaraxxus happened and Ofc El polo grande(for those that did Vanilla level50 warlock quest) , and affliction is too slow, gnomes just dont have the patience.
    Human: All arround but imo great summoners so demo, most of the alliance vanilla pet quest were from Human NPCs
    Dwarf: Affliction, Black Iron dwarfs are about the dark arts not about summoning demons or fiery spells.
    Worgen: Affliction, they are cursed so its fair to say they should be addepts of spreading curses and damage over time magic.

    Undead: Affliction, they dead nuff said
    Trolls: Affliction, Witch Doctors influence
    Belf: Destruction, bit like gnomes they seek raw destruction, but belfs have a propose while gnomes just do it for the lulz
    Orcs: Like humans they are a all arround warlock but I think they are great summoners so demo would fit them.
    Goblins: Destro, what better spec blow things up like goblins love to do.
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    I chose demon :3

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