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    [A-25] 5/13H LF DPS/HEALERS 9pm-1am EST Raid Time

    Epic Again, Eldre'Thalas [PVE] server, is currently recruiting excellent players to continue pushing through the Cataclysm expansion. We currently are focusing on 25 man raiding.

    What we have to offer:
    • EPGP Loot Distribution System
    • Officers are elected by their class roles 3 times a year
    • We raid 4 nights a week, currently Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights off.
    • Raids run from 9pm to 1am Eastern Standard Time
    • We cover 100% of raid repair bills.
    • Guild made of mostly professional adults, not much adolescent drama
    • Our guild has been actively raiding under the same tag for over five years. We’re stable and have proven that we weather storms.

    • 12/12 Normal Encounters in BoT, BWD and ToFW
    • 5/13 Heroic Encounters (Chimaeron, Halfus, Maloriak, Magmaw, Atramedes)

    We are recruiting excellent applicants across the board but especially the following:
    Last Updated: 05/16/2011
    High Priority:
    Melee DPS: Rogue
    Healers: Shaman
    Ranged DPS: Boomkin, Mage

    Medium/Low Priority:
    Healers: Paladin, Priest
    Ranged DPS: Warlock, Shaman

    We are looking for raiders that are serious about the following:
    Progression: We are the one of the top three guilds on Eldre’Thalas and one of the top guilds in the US. We are here to plow through the content and be one of the first to do so.
    Their Character: Know your class, in terms of the role that you play, and every aspect of it. Know it inside and out. Not only know it, but be able to perform well with said class.
    Preparation: Come with consumables. Come with food. Come with the mentality that you are going to put 110% effort into the fights that we go into and will stick around for an extra hour or so if needed to get a new boss down. Doing homework on boss strategies is exceptionally key here, and do not rely on the raid to walk you through boss fights. Know fight’s before hand and be prepared to adjust yourself for a possible new strategy on killing bosses.
    Situational Awareness: We’re looking for players with excellent situational awareness and a strong desire to always be pushing themselves to get better. If you’re someone who can give and receive constructive criticism, you’ll fit in well. Ideal applicants should be able to maintain a minimum of 80% raid attendance as well.

    After we have reviewed your application we will schedule an interview with you over ventrilo so we can discuss your application and get to know you better as a player. If you don't have a mic we will arrange to do this in-game but voice communication is truly paramount. We are looking for permanent raiding members so we want to make sure that you are the right fit for us, and that we are the right guild for you.

    Remember, your application is your representation of yourself and it is the only initial tool we can utilize to judge you as a player by. The more it reflects you as a person and a player, the better we will be able to evaluate you.

    If interested or if you have any more questions, please apply at http://www.epicagain.com and follow the applicant instructions there or feel free to contact myself (Niache), Zachmann, or any other officer in-game or through our forums.

    You can also reach me by adding me to Real ID: [email protected]
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    H V&T <20% after one night of attempts.

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    Roster Needs updated

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