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    DPS Fix

    Yes, I know what you guys must be thinking, O Knoes, another warlock with dps problems, read sticky posts blabla

    Anyhow, I have read them.. but here is my problem.
    Before patch 4.1 I was playing destro, and pushed 25k on trash and like 18-21k on bosses
    Then 4.1 Came out, and i readed that Affliction was buffed, so i gave it a try.. but it was to boring to play for I switched to destro Again

    But now i'm only pushing like max 15k on bosses ( even with bane of havoc ) And I cant figure out where the problem lies

    I mean, I use the normal destro rotation, COE, Soulfire, Corruption, BOD, Immolate, Conflag, Choasbolt, Incinerate,Incinerate..

    Armory link :

    Maybe you guys can help me out what i'm doing wrong ?

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    We'd need a log for that.

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    Those three hit/haste the nightmare tear, and the pure hit gems need to go. They should all be int or int/hit or int haste. But that's not enough to ONLY have you pulling 15k can you post a log of a fight? It sounds like your rotation is messed up or your missing a spell by accident.
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    You really should read the stickies. You don't even gem properly. The yellow sockets you fill with int+haste gems, not hit+haste. All stats gem in a bucket socket???? Hybrid gems in red sockets? Imo you should use pure int in all you can, except socket bonus of 20+ int or 30+ other stat.

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    Int > Hit is it then, i'll resocket straight away
    and o yeah, how do i make a combat log ?

    So i resocketed, better now ?
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