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    Quote Originally Posted by adilina View Post
    I am a shadow priest and I am 2nd on dps chart only next to a hunter. I am a guild officer and I help leading a 25man raid. I say I don't stand a position in a 10man team coz I can't control mobs, can't interrupt, can't bring extra useful buffs as a priest healer is almost mandatory in an ideal team, can't provide any useful cd to the raid, and can't aoe before the mind sear buff. I'd happily trade my dps edge for any class that can provide one of the above utilities. By the way, none Cata fight has excruciating requirement for dps so dps is my last thing to worry about.

    Btw, stick to the point, don't judge others by what they say.
    You are correct that an SPriest only brings dps and an occasional Replenishment to a raid, but bare in mind that our Shadowform reduces our damage taken. I am usually the least healed person in a raid encounter. That does account for something too. :P

    P.S Kinda intimidated by the 12% nerf, but hey, they lowered MB cooldown, so why not use it more often now. (PvP affecting PvE?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmend View Post
    You guys seem to be overlooking class utility, buff coverage, etc completely... Whether or not a lock can outDPS a Shadow Priest, you still need locks...
    For what, exactly? Shadow priests give more buffs etc than warlocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fojos View Post
    For what, exactly? Shadow priests give more buffs etc than warlocks.
    For 10man you want 8 % spell damage done, which can be spread as affliction. The other buffs/debuffs both classes supply are all neglible and very minor in the big aspect. Warlocks offers a combat ress and great aoe with demonology.

    For 25man you want healthstones, 10 % spell power and again demonology aoe stands out as superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttudboz View Post
    I don't have a priest but I know their dots are INSANE. Dot you up and then LoS/run/disperse and game over.
    Yea man totally do that on bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiztence View Post
    Yea man totally do that on bosses.
    LOL! Me too!

    I always wondered what exactly qualifies a class as a hybrid? If a class can fill two roles, is it a hybrid? I always thought of druids, paladin, and shaman as hybrids, but druids and paladins are the only classes who can dps,heal, and tank. Shaman can only dps and heal, priests can only dps and heal, and then warriors and DKs can only tank and dps. It does not appear that warriors are subject to the "hybrid tax"?
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    i could really live with that changes if we got as a trade off more utility to a raid group, didn't some1 from blizz mentioned priest is a jack of all trades? this should include spriest too. what i miss most as shadow priest is when RL asks who can interrupt/cc/hlp on this mob i have to remain silent because all i can do is use fear that has very situational use in raids + burn 2 hymns to hlp out healers that both are far away from awesome. ofc i can always swtich to healing to hlp healers but in most fights in t11 besides my dps i feel useless... if someone says yeah but as shadow priest u can always go disc/holy if needed, true but any half-well organised guild won't require their spriest to go healing 9 out of 10 times since they have their healer group organised and replacements happen very rare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadbus View Post
    what i miss most as shadow priest is when RL asks who can interrupt/cc/hlp on this mob i have to remain silent because all i can do is use fear that has very situational use in raids + burn 2 hymns to hlp out healers that both are far away from awesome.
    You can't miss something you never had.

    Anyway, this is the main reason I rerolled from my demo lock to my elemental shaman. Yea, my damage as elemental isn't quite as good as what I could do on my lock (especially in the aoe department; going from the best aoe to the worst takes a bit of getting used to) but being in a position where all you can do is do good dps does make you feel slightly useless, especially in 10 man. And unfortunately, for most heroic fights you need a certain something from a certain class/spec and all of a sudden the locks and shadow priests get sat for that spec. However, on my shaman I feel useless when my RL says 'gogo AOE'.

    The fights require so much more than good dps. Maybe they went a step too far with fight requirements (especially with spec requirements), I don't know. What you have to remember though is that shadow priests do have utulity, they just have to be in a position where that utility is appreciated. 25 man is bad for this; it doesn't take much to get every buff you need and all the cc/interrupts you need. For me, being an elemental shaman in my 10 man is giving us so many options. For a 25 man I'd probably go back to my lock simply because the buffs will already by covered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenerena View Post
    You can't miss something you never had.
    I wrote that more in a way - "oh snap, would be cool be to be one of this guys that can" - priest as hybrid with shadow spec was always for me more of a support class then dps one. in TBC we had huge impact on raid healing and mana regeneration and tbh i was sure Blizz will fallow this path in to next expansions... sadly instead they homogenized us with other ranged dps taking a lot of our unique feeling this also includes our rotation that imo in tbc or wrath was much more interesting.

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    Even if you do 70% of your damage as dots and 30% as direct damage, we're only looking at a 4.8% nerf. Y'all act like that is game changing. Spriests need a nerf, 4.8% is not that insane. Btw on fights that are 60-40, it's only a 2.4% nerf. Quit freaking out like when every other class that is op gets balanced.

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    I'm just wondering how in wotlk our rotation could've been more interesting...

    ...we had back there shadow weaving, now we got mastery. Now we got a few more CDs (archangel + S&P-sf). Am i missing something i don't remember?

    Since i've heard the changes for "god-forbids-if-a-nonlock/mage/rogue-ain't-topping-recount" 4.1 patch are already live. Shouldn't the buffed MB reconsider the mastery stack again?

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