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    Archeology: time per solve.


    I would like to start a project to get an average time to solve a project in archeology.

    If we can get a group of people to time themselves solving projects we can average them out and give everyone a number to expect it will take per solve.

    OK here goes:

    - open the stop watch at the bottom of you minimap and start it once you start to dig.
    - dig until you have completed 10 artifacts.
    - if you get a rare during those 10 solves please solve it, and start over.
    - make sure to stop and start your stop watch any time you are not 100% devoted to archeology. Such as, if you get a tell, and hold a conversation mid digging. stop the time. ((conversations while in flight to next dig sites are fine)) - Also if you afk at any point, stop the time.
    - If you plan to use keystones during the process please add in your reply if you used them or not, and say how many stones you used.
    - If you are not using a flying mount please specify your riding skill.

    We are looking to get usable avg time it takes to solve an artifact. Keystones will affect the numbers we get. It would be helpful if you do not use keystones.

    The more people we get to participate the more accurate an avg number we will have.

    We are discounting the time it takes to get a rare in the grand total due to the fact that it would skew the numbers if someone was solving a rare in the 10 solves. We are assuming the extra time to solve a rare is so very small when considering the total time as to discount it completely. Personally i've solved 2957 solves total, and only 30 rares. The extra time it took to make those rares wouldn't come close to changing my average.


    I timed myself doing 100 solves which took 1182 minutes for an average time of 11.82 minutes per solve. I used zero keystones. I completed these 100 solves in Kalimdor in 4.0.6. I did not solve a rare during these 100 solves. I use a 310 flying mount.

    Thank you,

    Member of the archeology community.

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    Thank you http://wowdigsite.com/ for participating in this project
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    TLDR Version: 6.08 min/solve ; ~10 solves/hour
    • Entirely in Eastern Kingdom
    • 451% Flight Speed
    • Between 115-135% Running Speed (Ancestral Swiftness & Ghost Wolf Glyph)
    • All done with a well established database of frag locations (Archy add-on). This may seem negligible, but for bigger dig sites it is extremely helpful for pinpointing
    • Timer included digging, solving, mob encounters, and flight time
    • I always have a hearth off cool down [Ancestral Recall (7.5 min), Innkeepers (15), Cape (4 hours)]
    • At 30/32 Missing Dwarf and Fossil
    • I had an obscene amount of Keystones for Dwarf/Troll, so any solve that could include one/some did

    Solve - Item (Total Fragments for Item){Keytones Used}[Time]
    Minimized for space:

    10 - Spiked Gauntlets of Anvilrage(45){2}[47:08]
    20 - Feathered Raptor Arm(33){0}[1:39:46]
    30 - World of Empress Zoe(45){2}[2:54:38]
    40 - Cinnebar Bijou(35){1}[3:57:26]
    50 - Aal'ai Scepter(35){1}[4:45:35]
    60 - Scepter of Charlga Razorflank(35){1}[5:36:02]
    70 - Shard of Petrified Wood(30){0}[6:55:06]
    80 - Feathered Raptor Arm(33){0}[7:51:20]
    90 - Shard of Petrified Wood(30){0}[9:03:50]
    100 - Mithril Chain of Angerforge(35){1}[10:08:07]
    I also wanted to document the number of sites I dug in Twilight Highlands, since its the only EK zone where aggro can effect dig times:
    Twilight: 18

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