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    You pop lightwell in dungeons pugs and hope people click it, but you never rely on people clicking it. It differs in raiding where you're allowed to yell at people for not clicking it after wipes or if they died doing a kill, due to ignoring the lightwell. I always call out lightwell like 3-4 times doing boss fights and pray people click it.

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    jus let them die if they dont use it. stupid people belong dead anyway.

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    Find a guild, don't ever do hcs with randoms, that's what I did.

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    Or you can create a macro to click it for u!! lol

    1. macro: /target lightwell ->hotkey this to something eg. f11
    2. keybind interact with target ->hotkey to f12

    Hit f11 then hit f12 instant lightwell usage
    then re-target what you were selecting because ur target gets deslected

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermore View Post
    It's the strongest HoT in the game (*) , so it kinda does

    (*) ... it is, isn't it?
    I think it might also be the most efficient heal in the game? well.....besides LoH :x because that's free, isnt it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent1000 View Post
    Or you can create a macro to click it for u!! lol

    1. macro: /target lightwell ->hotkey this to something eg. f11
    2. keybind interact with target ->hotkey to f12

    Hit f11 then hit f12 instant lightwell usage
    then re-target what you were selecting because ur target gets deslected
    I don't think this works anymore. Last I saw this being debated, the only thing you could do was some weird /focus lightwell thing and it was this whole mess of stuff after that I didn't remember....... like /target focus /interact with target /target last target

    ...or something.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If [the dps] are on the wrong target, then they are playing badly and should be corrected and / or mocked, depending on how you roll.

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    oh true tested cant select the lightwell now :C

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    I don't spec into Lightwell.

    I know how great it CAN be, I know it CAN be our highest throughput spell, bla bla bla. Argue all you will but if people don't use it its wasted. there are plenty of reasons for people not using it, not the least are

    - habit - they are not USED to it so they forget. How often do you forget you have a soulstone?
    - Stress - some fights there is enough going on already and clicking the lightwell - as easy as it may seem - is too much.
    - Out of range - running means loss of dps.
    - Playstyle - its easier for a button pusher to click the lightwell than it is for a clicker.

    Even if you have a group that is willing to use it, being able to use it properly is situational. Lightwell is great if you have a group of melees on a patchwerk like fight or a group that is otherwise able to stand reasonably close (I know, 20 yrds) to it so they can click on it.

    Any movement a DPS needs to make in order to use Lightwell is DPS lost. In a raid that's just a no-no IMO especially if you have an enrage timer to beat.

    Another thing to consider is that you can't expect DPS to watch their health bar and think, Oh - I'm missing 8560 health, if I click on the Lightwell now I will waste so-many ticks, let's wait until I take a little bit more damage so as not to waste too many Lightwell ticks and keep our priest happy. <-- not happening!

    The mana efficiency of Lightwell is only worth it if the majority of its uses can actually be used to heal and not go to waste by idiots with 1 health off their healthbar going nuts on clicking it.

    I rather take Desperate Prayer instead, or rapid renewal, or veiled shadows or ...

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    Healsdude you pretty much don't know what you saying
    first it's your job to put lightwell on place easily reachable for both melee and ranged
    you can click it if you running
    you can click it from 20-30yd (not sure exact number)
    on some fight ranged can get out of your range, but still can click lightwell
    and yeah DPS are supposed to watch their healthbars - im not saying they have to use it if they have 90% HP, but if they drop low, or they know healers focusing something else first, they can use it
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    They need to change the Lightwell animation to include "FUCKING CLICK ME NOOB!"
    Quote Originally Posted by SW:TOR
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    Sentinel PVE Basics for the two Specs that matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicKiller View Post
    Healsdude you pretty much don't know what you saying
    Oke, you don't know the exact range on Lightwell even though I posted it in my post, you claim you can use Lightwell when youre out of range, you think everyone can click something when they are running, you think healers are phycics who can predict everyone's movement throughout a fight. Dude from which planet are you because you can't possibly be human.

    And saying I don't know what I'm talking about just made me smile.

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    Stop playing with newbs healsdude. Skilled players can easily get some lightwell clickage in while doing dps while watching their health bar. I will agree on certain fights it can be very differcult with cetain strategies, but most often it's quite easy since you stand still making it quite easy to click it if positioned well (this is your responsibility). In heroics dungeons I would tend to agree that lightwell is a bit useless but in raids lightwell is pretty damn strong.

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    as a tank, i always use lightwell - if its not 100 yards away

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    I stick it down just before the pull so people can clearly see it is there, 99% of the time I see the tank run to the boss and click it, also as I dungeon mostly with a few guildies it's normally used pretty well, although when I do HCs with randoms and see it there at the end of the fight I just carry on.

    If no-one can be arsed to click it and they die, well that's their problem not mine, ress and continue

    [21:49:56][R] [Etunas]: he cats shit on ranged people so better to have him near me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yilar View Post
    Stop playing with newbs healsdude. Skilled players can easily get some lightwell clickage.
    Then I'd be playing alone

    Seriously, ever since the invention of Lightwell, this has been an point of argument. You people try to fight against something you can't win from. DPS are not healers. There will always be noobs and there will always be skilled players in a situation in which they can't reach the Lightwell, even if you position it well.

    You say correctly they can can "SOME" clicks on it. Sure. Now upload your combat logs to WoL and analyze that "clickage". You'll see that even in a good fight your Lightwell did >40% overheals and turns out not to be as efficient as you think it is. You're better off saving that mana and heal how you see fit.

    Now if you are blessed with an uber raid group with DPS that all know from the top of their heads how much Lightwell ticks for, and they can all do the math on the fly and they manage to get little overheals on Lightwell ticks, wow consider yourself blessed. Your group is an exception and by all means, keep using it. The majority of groups though don't have those players and I find more value in other talents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmela View Post
    #showtooltip Lightwell
    /cast Lightwell
    /p Lightwell is down, if you can't click the Lightwell chances are this game and its mechanics are too complex for you. Go back to Mario Kart or just watch your health drop.

    That's my macro and I'm serious with it. I'll heal the tank and of course use my AoE arsenal as holy. DBM tells me who has clicked the lightwell, if a dps cant stop tunneling for 1 second to click it then too bad. Make them learn, chances are if you show them on the first boss by the end of the run they'll understand your not messing around. DPS queue is 30 minutes give or take, if they're stupid enough to leave the run because they can't click something, well you're better off without them.
    Yah you know the double dipped retardation of it, is that it is off the gcd, so unless they are 'tunneling the boss as a clicker', they can tunnel their asses off with keybinds and still click the F'ing lightwell.

    Healsdude, the real strength of lightwell is that it can be dropped BEFORE combat, thus it = a FREE heal, usable more then once....have holy priests got another way of doing that? hmmm? Do they?
    I can tell you, if I was dps'ing and I saw a well down and I thought I was gonna drop, I'd make a bee line for that light well, probly squeeling like a little piggy the whole way. You can't always assume the heals has 'got you covered', and considering that sometimes mana matters, I'd click that lightwell
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snakebite View Post
    it's a pain in the arse as a melee on some fights, while i do try my best (especially on progression fights) you can't get too mad at people if it's well out of range and somehow obscured
    I'm a bit like this as well, lightwell is awesome but it has to be somewhat smartly placed. It's a bitch (and a dps loss) to hit it when there are mobs or players standing next to it/on it.

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    Tell the raid WHERE its going to be, mark it with a "ground-star-mark", and ppl will click it. Put it [email protected], refresh when it's gone. Get a macro for /r " lwell up, yellow mark"

    simple as that. If people don't click it, don't bother QQin.
    If people click it, tell them they are great, mabye give the PI when ur disc or smth?

    However, you can get this addon ( don't have it on my tongue atm ) that screams :

    Lightwell up,
    [email protected] clicking it every time,
    Lightwell gone,

    then you see pretty easy who uses it, who dies without using it, etc.
    And your raidleaders can assign DI/PI/FM/ETC to people clicking it. So people actually feel they increase their DPS by clicking it.

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    Why why why oh why do priests KEEP using the LW in pugs? What - you cant heal? Is that it?

    I have 2 priests myself. Ive specced around LW because you hurt yourself more by trying to give ppl a self heal, than just doing your job and keeping up the group. Which btw is very easy to do as a priest even in mediocre gear. LW is not needed in pugs. Not once - not ever.

    When i play dps i get sooo angry when i see those "heal yourself of die" macros the LW sends out from all the slacker priests out there.

    People are dumb. Accept it and train your skills using your other spells. Keep the LW for raiding where its actually viable.

    Its also alot more fun managing your mana and healing like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    I'm there to keep people alive, lightwell goes down, if they don't use it I'll still heal them. If they die because my throughput wasn't enough/i went oom and they didn't use lightwell that's their fault, if they lived then I get loot.
    This is pretty much my point of view. While you don't need the DPS for most normal heroics. simply not healing and expecting people to click the lightwell to heal themselves is just purely being elitist. If they die due to throughput issues, when i was doing everything else right myself? fine. their fault. But, if you decide to not heal them because they aren't clicking your well thats just a waste of time for everyone.

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    I have it myself but PuGs either don't click it at all, or they click it before the fight starts.
    I'v given up on PuGs ever using it properly so I just place one during every boss fight for massive self-healing

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