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    Ragnaros forms a Molten Seed at the location of 10 random players, inflicting 55000 Fire damage to all players within 6 yards. After 10 sec the Molten Seed will burst in a Molten Inferno.

    In 25 player raids, Ragnaros targets 20 players.
    10 random players, out of 10 possible targets. Hmm, that's gonna be pretty random indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radak View Post
    Unfortunatly I don't think that is possible.
    You should be able to do it without Cenarius resulting in you having to kite the Living Meteors for the rest of the fight and you will take increasing amounts of damage from superheated.
    However missing Malfurion Stormrage is already impossible I think. It would result in the entire field being filled with Dreadflames pretty quickly. But it might just be possible if dps is super high and depending on who long the last phase lasts.
    But missing Hamuul Runetotem makes the fight impossible. Read the ability called Empower Sulfuras again. That's a freaking 500k damage to everyone and the only way I can see you can interrupt that is by stunning him in the Entrapping Roots.

    Of course I could be wrong but I think that sounds about right.
    The same was said about Yogg Zero until Stars beat it. I'm sure some insane guild will manage it if the achievement is implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by posessor View Post
    perhaps you missed the massive new quest hub they are putting into 4.2 as well for solo/daily content?
    "As well" ? The quest hub is the solo/daily content - which is useless for 2/3 of the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rioo View Post
    10 random players, out of 10 possible targets. Hmm, that's gonna be pretty random indeed.
    Maybe multiple can hit the same target. So, if 8 are thrown to the same target, that guy will be really fucked if he doesn't move away. I mean, like, really, really fucked.

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    I bet if you don't use Malfurion and Cenarius etc, you'll get an Alone in the Darkness type of achievement....

    "Azeroths final hope!" <- - :P

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    That is a lot of Fire damage.

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    Knock back knock back knock back. Glad I am a warrior with the power to run on air (charge..).

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    Blizzard implements wowhead and atlasloot, information that is available for anyone who knows where to look. Now it'll be available ingame to help players, without actually being some kind of baby-walk help. And yet there's some whining about it. Please, for the sake of the community as a whole, leave the game. It's not good players I'm speaking off, but 10m normal Cho'gall "elites" who think they own the game with a Kingslayer title from the 4.0 faceroll.

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    Am I the only one who saw the return of FLAME WREATH!?

    When triggered, a Magma Trap erupts for 60000 Fire damage to all enemies within the Firelands and violently knocks the player who stripped the Magma Trap into the air.
    Sure, the trigger is slightly different but the effect is the same. Time to bust out the old flame wreath chant.

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    So 40% phase 3 starts to 0, so then the heroic only phase begins at 0? Or maybe they add it in at 20% or something I don't know. Maybe he gets pissed off makes a speech at 0%, bursts back to 40% HP and says: STOP! HAMMER TIME! Comes out and uses his legs on the dancefloor.

    I'm more inclined to saying the 0% option, so there's a little speech and the NPCs burst in and he regains some hp.
    ...No... did you even read it? 40% to 0% he stands up and starts walking around, that's the heroic phase.

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    While not exactly the same, this -kind of- sounds like the April fools preview posted by paragon. Ha...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    Thanks for ruining another fun aspect of the game Blizzard.... good job
    You mean... your 'fun aspect' came from wiping a million times on a boss in order to see his next ability?
    I don't think that's fun.

    Oh wait, you mean your 'fun aspect' was "/rw Okay everyone take 5 and go youtube the fight."

    Oh! No no no! Your 'fun aspect' was "WTF JUST HIT ME?!"

    I love the encounter Journal. It gives you a list of the boss's attacks. People typically do that with wowhead or something anyway.
    It's not like the information on what he does wouldn't become immediately available as soon as someone killed it.
    These are attacks, however, not strats.

    I think the encounter journal will be a nice deterrent from "youtube it."
    It makes more sense, honestly.
    The 'fun factor' doesn't come in figuring out what the boss does - it comes from figuring out how to work around it.
    It will give people like me an easier-to-access database of what the boss does, without the added temptation of looking at fight breakdowns via youtube or wowhead.

    It'll allow me and my guild full creative control when designing our strats. We won't feel 'limited' to do what's "proven" to work by paragon and others.

    The fun part is formulating a strategy, and executing it. if it works, great! If not, work on it!
    Wiping is just tedious clicky-runny work.
    That's just my opinion though.

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    Dunno why everyone is so up in arms about the Encounter Journal. Any raid ive been in 1st thing asked was "You know the fight? Read up on bosskillers/wowhead/watch the tank spot video first."

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    Oh god--so much fire damage. BRB farming fire resistance gear. (like in old times)

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    Wow that journal looks great,awesome looking layout and tons of information I cant wait for that.

    bb Atlas loot!

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    Am I the only one to have caught this faux paus: "Cenarius is a demigod, the son of Malorne and Elune, and the patron of all of Azeroth's druids."

    Cenarius, according to the stories, is the son of Malorne and YSERA. Hence why the Aspect when berserk in the Ancients trilogy when she saw Malorne slaughtered by the demons, and Cenarius wounded. =\

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    This game is going in an insane direction. Blizzard seems so worried they will lose the 1% of top 100 raid guilds that they will just let the 99% of the playerbase dwindle away.

    Does anyone think, in a six year old game that people are willing to go back to the only 1% of guilds killing an end boss thing (heroic is end boss apparently now)?

    Maybe we should just all app top 3 server guilds, right?

    Seems very risky, time consuming and annoying to me. I want to stay loyal to this game after all these years and the friends I have met in it but damn... this is geting hard to do.

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    do I have to read that stuff? they understand all of this is voiced and shiny on YouTube?
    blizzard you are bunch of cheap bastards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radul View Post
    Have you read anything blizzard said? they have been planning to make the Heroic Ragnaros fight as hard and as epic as they could.. I think they said they wanted it almost unbeatable..

    Its a "GOOD THING", your basing a tier of raiding on a heroic fight that like you said, most people wont even get to do until its nerfed by gear and blizzard.
    You clearly don't read as well either, because he's not complaining that it won't be easy. He's saying that WoW doesn't need harder raid encounter because of the lack of content for non-raiders or casual raiders. Yes, I am talking about those people, and only tools complain about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Matsuraki View Post
    Am I the only one who saw the return of FLAME WREATH!?

    Sure, the trigger is slightly different but the effect is the same. Time to bust out the old flame wreath chant.
    It's a lot closer to shadow traps from H LK than Flame Wreath.

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