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    Winged Guardian Arrives in Pet Store

    Winged Guardian Arrives in Pet Store
    The Winged Guardian is now available from the pet store!

    • US Price - $25
    • EU Price - 20€
    • UK Price - 17£

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    A new arrival has just landed in the Blizzard Pet Store: the majestic Winged Guardian flying mount, a titan creation designed to protect Azeroth’s most ancient secrets. As with the Celestial Steed, this Guardian of the Titans will carry you across Azeroth as fast as your riding skill will take you. Head over to the Pet Store to see this new addition and other World of Warcraft companions, and check out the FAQ for more information. Pet Store (US) Pet Store (Europe)
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    Ooh, wont be wasting money on that!

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    Neat. Ill probably buy it when my next paycheck comes in.
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    Just say no! (could have bought if the profits from it went to charity)

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    lame epic mount for money.... would rather have it be difficult to get ingame

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    Kinda weird but the wings look really cool when its in the air

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    I'm satisfied enough with my Aslan from level 25 guild, seems like a waste of money.

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    The new celestial steed...

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    oooh inb4 that retarded lion comments

    cool mount and stuff, too bad it's so expensive

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    yay another lame way to spent $25

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    Lol, I almost literally laughed my ass off: "a titan creation designed to protect Azeroth’s most ancient secrets"
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    about a dang time!!!!

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    More money for Bobby Kotick!

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    Its that retarded lion!

    Also just a gyphon's skeleton.

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    25 bucks for a digital mount that you stop using after everyone has. not wasting my money on this junk.

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    $25 is kind of steep, wish it was for a charity or some good cause......damn thing looks really cool though.

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    mhm food for the nerds

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    Not even trying to cloak it with a minuscule contribution to charity. Just an out-right money grab for suckers who dedicate their lives too much to a game.

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    so instead of doing one more boss in firelands they spend their time doing this, off course to Store

    all the people are right, now wow is only about small content updates between months and being the max milk cow possible with minimal efford

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    lol, wasn't there a post like, 20 minutes ago, bitching about where this was?

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