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    Alchemy for a Tank

    Hey all, coming back to wow soon to check out cata (quit in wrath)...and I wanted to know how alchemy is,.... from hopefully some tanks that use it?

    I always kinda regretted my herb/alch when I first made my toon back in classic, just kinda stayed with it....cuz leveling profs is sooo painful imo....
    However I know I want to change my profs when I come back....would it be good to snag up mining instead perhaps? I know they get a stam bonus and lvling a gathering prof like that wouldn't be too horrible I would imagine...

    I know that BS/JC is best if u are into min/max etc....just not sure I'd like to try and lvl "two" expensive/time-consuimg new profs like that....

    I would consider starting over with a fully new combo tho...say like BS and mining.....what's everyone's advice, stay alch and pick up mining or go BS/Mining?

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    Would just grab mining if I were you. I'm not a fan of profs either, and the stam bonuses from toughness and alchemy stone are plenty sufficient IMO. But then I'm quite lazy when it comes to such things
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    the alchemy stone is a pretty amazing trinket until you get better. apart from that there's no real reason to stay alch as a tank.

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    alchemy is great for a tank, double duration flasks and elixirs (guide flasks last 4 hours), the alchemy stone, extra health when you use a health pot, and you get bonus stam from steelskin flasks 120 on top of the 450
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    Alchemy is among the best tanking professions. The crafted alchemy stone is indeed an excellent trinket, situationally BiS if you are a warrior or paladin (since mastery is valued so highly for those classes). For many raid encounters using the elixir combo of Prismatic + Mastery is superior to a stamina flask, and the Mixology bonus improves both of them. If you do need stamina, just drink a steelskin flask and you'll receive the same stam bonus that a profession like BS would offer.

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    Thanks for the replies.....leaning towards keeping alch and snagging mining instead of herbs, since other than gathering obviously, herbs offer me no bonus that I am aware of....the stam from mining would be a better fit I think.

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