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    [H] [Detheroc] <End Guys> 6/13 Recruiting for 25 Hardmans.

    Yes, that's Hardmans. Hardmans. /stare


    End Guys has been a high end raiding guild since Vanilla wow, dominating all content and leading Detheroc in server progression for years. We have been raiding Vanilla WoW, BC, WOTLK, and now Cataclysm. We are a tight nit guild with a small raiding roster which will probably always aim to hover around 30-35 main raiding members. With this in mind we expect a higher quality of player than most "zerg guilds" and we never recruit for a "bench" position. The guild was originally made on Sargeras and we moved to Detheroc as a guild when the old server was unstable with latency and full servers. We are an adult guild and joke and tease often, if you are easily offended or have no sense of humor you will not enjoy our guild.

    Loot distribution is handled via a loot council. We do not tolerate or condone ANY arguments, greediness, or childishness regarding loot. Loot is distributed to benefit of the guild as a whole, not any one raider. With consistent attendance, and performance being the major factors of a loot decision. We pride ourselves on having little to no "loot drama" and being a smaller guild are able to gear out our members very quickly.

    Applicants should look to apply after considering and meeting the following criteria:

    Applicants should have considerable raid experience, but if you are not very experienced with current content make sure you flesh out what content you HAVE done in the past, including any old world raiding you have done.

    Having the best gear possible will never hurt your application, however it is not necessary. Given this we would still recommend you have -everything- that is reasonably available to you. You will also need to make sure said gear is completely raid ready (best enchants and gems). If you do not, be ready to explain why in depth. Gear shows raiding experience, no gear means you are generally lazy or new to your class. That said, do not bother applying with blues and greens, you will be denied.

    Sunday-Thursday at 8:00PM to 12:00AM Server, raids sometimes go shorter or longer based on the mood and performance of the raid. We may not raid all 5 nights if all content is cleared.

    Applicants should have a near 100% raid attendance, this includes willingness to sit out and be ready at a moments notice to move in. Expect us to rapidly lose interest if you're frequently unavailable around those times. Keep in touch with your class leader (or any of our officers) around raid time so we know you're around and available to raid. Raiding Member status will require 70% Minimum however if you think that meeting the minimum is fine be ready to sit out or be replaced with people who can make the commitment to be on.

    We communicate using Ventrilo. You must have a working microphone and be willing to use it appropriately. A headset is strongly recommended, if every time you talk we get horrible feedback or something similar you need to fix it before applying.

    Cross Server Transfers
    You must apply as normal either on our forums or in a private message to Aracela. If we like what we see, and feel you are a good fit for our guild we will give you the green light to transfer. We guild server transfers immediately, out of respect for coming someplace where you generally don't know anyone. However this does NOT speed up your application process and everything will proceed as normal. If you don't plan on transferring immediately on us giving you the green light don't bother applying.

    Thank you for your interest in End Guys, keep in mind that even with the seriousness of this post we know it is a game and play for fun however we need to make sure the people we bring in to play with us have the same definition of fun as we do. Good luck!

    Our guild is currently 6/13 Heroic Modes (hardmans), and we only run 25 man raids. We're looking for key people to replace what we can consider carries and move deeper into heroic 25 progression of this tier. We would like to have a rock solid 25-30 people for when Firelands drops. If you have any questions, feel free to send a tell in game to Dagron, Magellan, or Aracela, (On US Detheroc) and/or apply on our forums, the link provided at the top of this post.

    We eagerly look forward to your application, and again, thank you for your interest in End Guys.

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    As of tonight, Heroic Twin Dragons are down with Conclave next on the list. Get in on the awesome at Endguys.net/forums!

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    Daily bump

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