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    [A] Argentum, 25-man raiding guild, 10/12-1/13 HM, SERIOUS PLAYERS!

    About us:

    Argentum is a guild comprised of friends on the Garona server who enjoy challenging themselves to progress through raiding content. Most of us are 20+ years of age, and the guild atmosphere is drama free. Our raid times are Tue, Thurs, Sun. 8pm-11pm Server. We're currently working on mostly heroic mode content:

    Raid Progression:
    25 man
    BWD: 5/6
    BoT:4/4 (1/4 HM)
    TotFW: 1/2

    10 man
    BWD: 6/6
    BoT 4/4 (1/4 HM)
    TotFW: 2/2

    What we’re looking for:
    Raiding only 3 days a week requires good attendance in order to be successful, please do not apply if you can’t maintain at least 80% raid attendance. We understand things happen, and real life is (kinda) more important than WoW, but regular attendance is a necessity.

    We’re currently recruiting the following for our 25 man group:

    1 Warlock
    1 Rogue
    1 Holy Paladin
    1 Resto Shaman or Resto Druid

    As always, any exceptional candidate will be considered regardless of whether or not their class is listed above. ALL SERIOUS PLAYERS WILL BE TRIALED FOR A SPOT!

    We are always recruiting amazing Healers and DPSers, so if you think you can perform alongside our best members, come and apply! Please note that skill is more important than gear, but we at least require you to be prepared to enter a raid with mostly 346ilvl blues with proper enchants and gems.

    We're looking for players who are serious about their class and role; people who spend hours reading up or whacking at a dummy in order to be the best they can possibly be for raids. We also want players who are involved, and understand what it means to be part of a team. We don't want wall-flowers who barely communicate.

    We are a level 25 Guild, and have all the perks associated. You will be required to bring all applicable flasks and buff foods to every raid, no exceptions. As far as gear distrubution, we use a DKP open bidding system.

    If you want to join a fun drama free guild with the chance for some purps, come join Argentum! Drop by w-w-w.argentum-guild.c-o-m and fill out a application.

    Questions? Feel free to send a tell or mail to me, or any one of our officers!

    Officers: Verinous, Tridin, Cardoe, Treznor

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    Badda Bing, Badda Boom

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    Badda Bing, Badda Boom

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