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    Blood DK Rotation for PvP

    Okey, so I've decided to get into PvP on my DK, but I don't have a clue about the rotation. I've googled around a bit, but couldn't find any answer to my satisfaction, so if you're a DK and specced blood for PvP, what's your rotation, and how does it work for you? From what I've read, Blood DK's are hard to kill but don't do that much damage, wich would work for me to start with.

    Please, feel free to post replys. Thanks in advance.


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    No rotations for PvP... As a blood DK mainly in face to face combat with a warrior etc just keep chains of ice up spam death strike and after death strike prio is Heart strike.. though you need to know how to kite CDs use Def CDs etc.. No rotations in PvP so its hard to explain... also the rotation switches based on situation.... you cant death strike a sprinting CoS rogue with evasion up u just cant slow him and the hit his bac then u need to just pray etc

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    Aah I see.

    Could anyone recommend any useful macros? Thanks.
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