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    Holy Priest- raid or ST healer???

    My guild does 25 man raids. We are currently 7/13hm. Being the senior (and only holy priest for the longest time), I am put on MT or OT healing 90% of the time. I do fine on it (ST Chakra is awesome for this), however, recently my guildmaster has come to me complaining about my low HPS'- especially compared to the other Holy Priest we just recruited. I do about 9-9.5k hps just strictly ST healing with chakra. I throw my instants (PoM, CoH, renews as needed) on the raid but my main focus is always the target I am assigned.

    My question is this: Holy- imo- should always be raid healing. I have tried to tell the GM that being in the ST healing state that my HPS' won't be as high as the other healer's because of the heal used in that state (I use heal, the serenity, FH to get Serendipity to proc, then GH if needed like on Maloriak) but he refuses to listen. The response from the GM I got was "I don't care about that BS. Your numbers are about 50% that of the other healers so you need to pick it up". The other healers we use are resto shammies, druids, disc priest and holy pallies. My numbers as a ST healer will ALWAYS be about half that of an aoe healer due to the mechanics of the class.

    I guess I don't really have a question. Just trying to figure out how to get my numbers higher when I am constantly put on ST healing. I have said something about being a raid healer before but the response I get from the RL and the Healing Officer is "You know what you are doing and we want someone we can trust on the tank"... Dilemma!

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    Holy priests can STH but you will never get a large average HPS. If they want you tank heal your better off in Disc spec because of the extra healing and damage absorbtion of the shields. Holy healing really comes into effect when your AOE healing, The mastery healing DOT really begins to stack up in totals when your constantly casting COH of POH spells.

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    Keep telling him to get lost, filling up 23-4 people's hp will always give higher numbers than keeping 1 person alive.
    Or get someone else to tank heal so he can yell at them for having "low numbars recount gud lol".

    Or get the healing officer and GM to speak to each other... lol

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    I've tried telling him that.

    As for going disc, I've never played it and never will. I like being holy with all its healing capabilities. I am not dismissing Disc a viable healer! I just prefer Holy.

    I honestly don't think he understands how Holy works in Cata atm. He compares my numbers to other Holy Priests in other guilds based on same progression/gear. I've asked him if they had the same assignments as I do (raid vs ST healing) and got no response.

    So just to make sure I have the healing classes clear: AOE Healers are resto shammies, resto druids and holy priests. ST healers are Holy pallies and disc priests. Is this correct?

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    Pretty much annyone can single target heal and has some form of aoe-mash-up.
    Holy palas can single-target raid heal the lowest people with beacon on tank, shammies can tank heal pretty good.
    That's pretty much right but isn't set in stone, wouldn't have a hpriest on pure tank duty myself but doesn't mean they CANT. (especially with resto shammies for earth shield/hpalas for beacons there)

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    Well, I tweaked my spec/enchants/gems to be a raid healer more than a ST healer. Now I just have to get the RL and HO to stop putting me on tank healing so I can get my numbers "where they are supposed to be in relation to other holy priests".

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    I would say that any healing class is viable aoe or single target healing in raids. Im not familar with holy pallys one aoe healing but im sure its possible.

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    Why play holy if you're on tanking healing. Paladins and shamans can do that. Disc is far superior IMO for tank healing and brings a very nice raid cool downs for fights like heroic nef. If he wants you on tank healing, learn to play disc, otherwise tell him to assign someone else to it so you can show him decent numbers by spamming PoH/CoH

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    Tell your guild master healer meters mean literally nothing, and if your healing officer thinks they do he needs to resign.

    Are the tanks dying? If they're not then you did your job and your gm can gtfo.

    Also, holy priests are arguably the worest tank healers right now, so you really shouldn't be tank healing anyways. If your guild needs somebody they can trust to do it, tell your healing officer to do it.
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    You mentioned you have a disc priest in raid, make him tank-heal. While bubbles are fun for the whole raid, tank healing is what Disc is meant for. Use your seniority to say that you want to raid heal. Talk to your healing officer and tell him how frustrating your GM is being. While it's nice that your guild trusts you to tank heal, encourage them to try the disc priest out if you feel he is up to tank healing.
    If you want to make raiding content harder, turn off DBM. Voila! Your encounters will be much more challenging without bleeps and someone telling you to "run away, little girl."

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    Holy priest can single target heal just fine, but they will only truly shine when they're raid healing. You're raid leader is being stubborn for no reason.
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    A little kinda on/off topic rant about healing meters:
    Raid leaders need to realize that healing meters are in no way, shape, or form, the same as dps meters. Assuming that the healers are healing all the damage the raid is receiving, if one healer's hps goes up, another healer's hps will go down because there's only so much damage the healers can heal before it starts spilling into overhealing (and no one wants that!). So for raid healers, if someone is doing 12k hps, and the other is doing 8k hps, the best you can hope for is for them to both balance out at 10k hps. It's unreasonable to expect the weaker one to pull up to 12k and have them both sit at 12k. For us healers, this is one dilemma we're facing with raid leaders who have zero healing experience. They expect healing meters to be like dps meters where you can pull higher dps without affecting the dps of other people.

    Back to the OP's dilemma, a dedicated tank healer will normally be quite low on the healing meters simply because there's more raid damage to heal. It sounds like you're already doing whatever raid healing you can while still keeping the tank safe (aka using instant heals). The only way for you to pull up a little bit more hps is to PoH or GH/FH raid members, but it's never a good idea to spend that much time outside healing the tanks. Of course, you can always do just that and intentionally pull more hps which will undoubtedly cause the tank to die and then tell your raid leader "I told you so", in his face.

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    As others have said, if your Holy in a 25 man setting, it would be a waste to not have you on the raid.

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    While holy priests are not ideal for tank heals, the fact is you are assigned that role, and they trust you to do it successfully. On the next raid compare your numbers to the other tank healers numbers. Are they comparable? If so, then when the guildleader says something to you about it, point this out. Point out that if you were assigned to raid heals your numbers would be up for obvious reasons, but you're not, you're on tank healing, your tank isn't dying and your numbers are very similar to the other tank healers numbers.

    If you're not comparable then you're probably doing something wrong. I only raid 10 mans atm, and on 10 man, if you're tank healing, you're also raid healing as you're able. Try casting a PoH centered on your tank every so often. This will go a long way to helping top off the group. Make sure your lightwell is down near the melee so they can click it to help up your numbers. Also in regards to heal. If you have enough time to cast this, then cast prayer of healing instead. Again, it'll add more numbers and heals for almost the same. (obviously if you're having mana issues this is not a good idea).

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