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    College research paper assistance needed

    I'm writing a research paper for my college which has to do with the benefits of online social networks in character development. I need three main arguments and I can't come up with more than one. I've been struggling to find related articles aswell but to no avail. So all the help you could give me is appreciated

    P.S Yes, after years of browsing this forum i made an account merely to ask this so don't spam me about it or whatever
    P.P.S Thanks in advance

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    you can use online social networks to reach many people you can ask to help you with your homework, so there is less work to do on your own, and you will learn characterskills in asking for help in an effective way
    that was the first thing i could think of, but probably not an answer that will help you very much

    What exactly do you mean by characterdevelopment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milvy View Post
    What exactly do you mean by characterdevelopment?
    Well it's about certain aspects a child could get such as psychological or social, you know, about maybe overcoming shyness or the first steps in becoming a social human being and stuff like that

    It should be a more formal paper, with articles for supporting my arguments and statistics and all
    Thanks anyway!

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    a look into other cultures and how people in other contries live. Also it gives you a much better understanding of english (unless your french or something and don't want to learn). Ive known people from uk for 3y now and talked with them weekly over skype. Gotten questions if i was from the uk so thats a really positive thing. (better language skills that is).
    This was directed at wow and mostly europe because you got alot of different countries in one realm .

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    I'm not going to give you articles. That's your job, in fact, all of this is your job but I'm the helpful sort.

    Social networking is good for helping people overcome physical differences. You might be scared to talk to that little girl/brown kid/handicapped kid IRL, but online, both they and you can talk without having to get distracted by the physical.
    Social networking can help children learn better, depending on the skill in question. Communicating what you've learned to others is a vital way of remembering the information and understanding it better.
    Social networking can expose children to a wider variety of views rather than the limited set they may experience around their parents and peers.

    There. Go see if you can find supporting articles.

    Of course, you should keep in mind if you find a lot of articles that support this being untrue, that's just as important.
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    People that innately lack some of the more subtle aspects of being social (like kids with Autism) can find that using the internet to talk to people allows them to learn a bit more about being social. Because there's the barrier of "I dunno what you look like", non neuro-typical people will be more confident and forthcoming. It's a nice way to go from "not social at all" to "fairly social" without feeling overwhelmed.

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    Well let's see:
    1.Easier contact with other people. By that you can find people more akin to your personality and as such you aren't stranded anymore or force to adapt to the main thinking of those around you. This creates diversity in places that previously had none and as such from the arguments between sides helps improve thinking overall of a community.
    2.People who are shy in real life find it easier to talk through a social network since if they want they're annonymous and even if they don't they still don't have to sit face to face with the person they're speaking with. In the end that's one of the main factors that inhibits personalities in real life, looking and hearing another person's tone of voice. Sometimes the person's tone might be a bit loud making the shy person belive they've upset the person etc. in online communities you don't have that problem, I'd need to clearly state I'm mad for you to understand something is wrong.
    3.Better understanding of people. When you talk to people through online means, you don't have the option to know exactly how they're feeling. However if I talk to someone and I know said person and their type of writing when they have a bad day for example you can tell. It might not seem apparent at first sight that they are having a bad day, but you can sense something is wrong.

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    What's the class / focus of the paper you want to take?

    I wrote my master's thesis on gaming communities--particularly MMO's--and would be happy to send you in the right direction and share sources.

    Send me a private message.

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    For me, it amaze me how i can learn about other culture, and put into use some things i learned in said : marketing class/management class/economic class. Only via Blizzard's own doing.

    That, and psychological/sociological things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    I'm not going to give you articles. That's your job, in fact, all of this is your job but I'm the helpful sort.

    Hey, I can't express how grateful I am for your help. Thanks alot for your replies everyone
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    Character development according to me means that you are immensely inspired by someone's good habit that you try to learn it and adapt to it.Really nice topic you are writing about!

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