DragonfIight of US Frostmane, (spelled dragonfliight), has been around for the past 6 years on the US-Frostmane server as a well-respected 25 man raiding guild. DragonfIight has strived to be a top competitor amongst other guilds and plans to continue pushing ourselves even further. Our loot system is loot council, with 2 new random members placed in loot council for that night via /roll.

DF is currently in high demand of caster dps, Holy Paladin, and a skilled tank/offset dps. We are always recruiting exceptional players, and won't hesitate to sit anyone for a better player.

We currently raid Mon-Thurs 8:30-12:00AM CST.

• A decent computer is required with more than 10fps while raiding.
• Good connection. Repeated disconnects may result in termination or demotion.
• A UI with more than just the basic blizzard UI, (Ie. DBM, RW2, etc.)
• A working Mic and Ventrilo
• See below “You and DF”

DragonfIight is currently ranked 2nd among the alliance guilds on the server, and 6th overall. DragonfIight has 6/13 heroic bosses down. Chimaeron, Atramedes, Halfus, Magmaw, Maloriak, and Valiona. We hope to push further than we have before and gain greater results than before. We will be striving to increase our productivity and bosses downed faster. With a few good players, and healers added to our group, this can and will be achieved.
**Website: dragonflight.wowstead.com **
**WoW Progress: wowprogress.com/pve/us/frostmane **
**DF World of Logs: worldoflogs.com/guilds/109651/ **

You and DF:
DragonfIight is looking for solid, quality players that are knowledgeable and understanding of boss mechanics, boss encounters, and their own class/spec/talents. You must maintain a high performance level, and activity level (not missing raids continually). You MUST always strive to be better than you currently are. That includes being up to date with your class, spec, talents; along with the current encounter/raid mechanic/boss. If you cannot take constructive criticism and see what is best for the guild, then you will not raid, (you will have a fair opportunity like everyone else to explain your own situation). While we ourselves have and joke in vent, we expect you to be mature and fully prepared before each pull. We want to see you serious about our current content and progression, but at the same time have fun, (there is a happy medium). We do not want to have to hold your hand and spoon feed you, you are expected to follow each of the points listed thoroughly. While I am aware that people make mistakes and have bad nights, no one should make that a common occurrence.

DF and You:
I can honestly say after being with DF for over a year now, that there are some truly great people here. You will find friendship here and people willing to help with anything. If you want to push content further and harder, share our goals and views to help bring that closer. Join an exciting raiding environment with good laughs and enjoyable fun. We promise to have a raiding spot available for those who bring their all every night, and do what is expected of themselves. Loot will come if you prove yourself by what we expect out of you, loot is and will always be fair.

To apply register at our site listed above and below, and send in an application. We will get to your application asap and begin its review process.

Contact Us!
For questions please refer to our guild site or contact one of us in game
GM- Salah.
Officers- Tenak, Thebojangles, Wachi, Ishzark, Klauz.
You may also contact me, (Vulkrin), and I will try and answer your questions to the best of my abilities.