I'm the Raid Leader for Immortal's Team Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal. We have an immediate opening for a geared and highly skilled Elemental Shaman on our progression 10-man team and we're hoping that you can fill that spot.

First, let's get the boring crap out of the way:

We raid Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10 PM Server/Pacific, and sometimes throw in two hours on a Sunday from 6 to 8 to clean up any progression bosses we're getting close with.

We are currently 5/13 in Heroic Modes, with Halfus, Magmaw, Maloriak, Atramedes and Chimaeron down, and set to stuff Heroic Theralion back in the closet.

What we're looking for:

-Your item level should be as close to 359 as you can reasonably get. You should be gemmed/reforged correctly. Your offspec should be as close to 353 as possible, also.

-You should know the fights. We're not going to hold your hand and we're going to throw you in for trial by fire. You should know what to avoid (beyond just FIRE BAD! there's also Absolute Zero bad, Sonar Pulse/Sonar Bomb bad, etc...) and if you don't you should learn very quickly. If you're dying to the same things over and over again, you'll find you have a very short trial.

-You should show up prepared and knowledgeable, and if you have any questions or suggestions you shouldn't be afraid to present them.

-You should be able to do all the above and still have fun. While we put on our SRSFACES for bosses, down time is usually filled with some kind of shenanigans or random silliness, from Frost's Chipmunk Voice serenades, Pew's open love letters to himself, or my own tales of a misspent youth.

Lastly, we work as a team. We succeed as a team and we fail as a team. When we're wiping, the entire team discusses why, what can be done to improve, and works to execute that. If you're the type of individual who feels yelling into vent, snapping at people, and pointing out their failings over open channels is the right way to go about things save yourself the trouble and don't apply.

Interested applicants must first talk to Bellanca/Vasso/Bethiana/Emprermaomao before an application process can begin.