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    as an aside also waiting on the in addition to the monthly fee the pay to play raids and dungeon perk

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    Blizzard Entertainment - July 17th 2011

    - We are preparing to launch a new way to playing our game to our players in the next patch. Patch 4.4 will introduce 3 new 5 player dungeons and daily quest hubs in Twilight Highlands. Not only are we giving you new content, we are introducing a new system on how our players interact with the content. Patch 4.4 will introduce the Premium account! For a small fee players will unlock a premium account which will allow them to do even more things in the Warcraft world.

    + New haircuts, new skin colors, new facial features and the introduction of tattoos!
    + Players will also have access to the dance studio to create new dances for their characters!
    + With the new 4.4 5 man dungeons were are introducing "Premium" mode... which will be just a bit harder than Heroic mode and will reward the players with "Premium Points" which they can turn in to the "Premium Vendor" to buy the current level of epics from raid content! Any item from any boss will be on the "Premium Vendor" including Legendary items. Earlier 5 man dungeons will be folded into the Premium system in later patches.
    + Premium mounts and pets.
    + Cross-Realm Dungeon feature will also finally release!
    + Premiun players will also be able to access the LFR system. LFR system is much like LFD except it will allow players to randomally queue for 10/25 player raids.

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    This is a pretty hard post not to get infracted on.

    The problem I'm hearing in this thread is that it's going to be hard to convince your parents to pony up so you can play w/ off-server friends.

    "Buuuut, maaaaaaaaa'aaaaaaaam!"

    Seriously. I'll bet Blizz would be happy to trade you inflation on their monthly fee for everything 'Premium' they will ever sell. Think about how much more expensive energy and everything else is than it was 7 years ago. Think about how many CS people they had to hire just to help the millions of unwashed compewter newbs that can't keep key loggers off their systems.

    Sure, I would really love it if they had a clear demarcation between a team that we paid our $15 a month to for further development, and the team that designs bonus 'Premium' content, but that's just not how game dev works.

    I'm willing to bet that the pricing they announce isn't even going to turn a profit- it's likely going to be just enough to break even, so that they wouldn't be diverting resources.

    Not making apologies here, but seriously...

    Do you get pissed at Wendy's when the guy behind you gets bacon and cheese?

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    I won't be paying for this. They can spend lots of time and effort to do this, but I'd rather stick with the status quo.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they attached this to the Mobile AH/Guild Chat feature directly. Rename the service World of Warcraft Premium instead of World of Warcraft Remote. Include the AH/Guild Chat, Cross-Server Party Creation, etc. as part of this service.

    There are people saying they "spend tons of money" on World of Warcraft already. What?
    How is World of Warcraft tons of money? It's $14.99 a month at worst. That's less than the cost of going to see a movie at a theater when you count a small popcorn and drink. Less than the cost of eating out one time. The value is fricking insane as it is for the amount of hours of entertainment you get out of that single $14.99 per month. I am not surprised they are offering a premium service for features that aren't inside the general scope of the game. It's not like they are selling "Premium Raid Content." That would be insane, but they would never do that.

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    Haha, it's getting ridiculous. I hope their "Pay 2 play and pay for a lot of additional stuff" leads to a massive loss of subscriptions; it is the only thing worse than the usual F2P microtransaction model.

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    Sounds like the new guild finder. Ain't nobody gonna use it.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
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    It is an option you do not have now. It was never promised as something you could get for your regular subscription. If you want to use premium services such as Remote Guild Chat, RealId Cross Realm Dungeon Groups, or other such features that are outside the normal game play why should they not be allowed to charge for it?

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    I want my money back

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    if this will be a paid service then i quit. After almost 7 years of playing this game, paying my monthly fee religiously...

    This is it. I have a premium account. I pay a monthly fee for my premium account. Rift looked appealing anyway...
    I can and will express my opinion and you can and will get angry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluspacecow View Post
    Actual it is more complicated.

    Last time I checked the cross realm dungeon finder only works with realms in your battlegroup. Battlegroups are limited to one data center so they don't have to worry too much about how the data gets from data center to data center and if they need to do any encryption or special handling of the data.

    This is extending it to all players not matter what battlegroup they are in. Spanning data centers. May seem like a minor point to you but even so this does add another layer of complexity.
    I could have swore battlegroups were done away with (as far as match making restrictions) around 4.0.3 and BGs and RDF just pulled from anyone within your region.

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    This is hilarious.

    These news actually brought me one step forward to consider unsubscribing and deleting WoW from my PC to make space for GW 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drukai View Post
    Just a little comment on this. Blizzard loses money with Blizzcon. A substantial amount compared to how much they "make" from it.
    Good that you backed up your argument with facts and similiar. It was dumb of me to assume a multi-billion dollar company would held conventions just because they want to through away money.

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    Idea: Great
    Paying for that idea: No thanks.

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    I can understand paying for optionL pets/mounts,and the mobile auction house,and the mobile guild chat,but this is really poor form in my opinion.

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    This is bullshit...This should be free! -.-
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    I don't think many people will make use of this premium feature tbh. All my friends are on my realm, else I wouldn't become friends with them anyway, right?

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    Was reading this with a smile on my face "yes FINALLY i can play with my friends on different serves without paying! ( even though most have quit by now because of it)"..............."This will be a premium service..." GG blizz you fooled me again!...*mumbles* money...stupid...cold...theivin...astards..* Still buys subscription for the "fix"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFDangerDOOM View Post
    Why is that? We've been doing that shit for free for like the past year and a half.
    Oh you've been queuing with your friends via RealID for the past year and a half?! REALLY?! It's a bit different to throw a 1000 of fish into a pool and pull any 5 out that match certain qualifications, than it is to pull 2 specific fish out of said pool. If you really need an analogy to understand. Regardless, Blizzard never had to implement DF at all.

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    Ready, soon it will be..."content patch 4.4! Includes 2 new heroic 5 mans, 15 new raid bosses and brand new gem cuts, plans, and enchanting recipes, all for premium golden super subscribers!"

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