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    Read until I got to the payment bit...really blizz? having to pay to play with my friends? If thats the case, we better be able to fully raid together.

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    WoW is about to lose another 600K subscribers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsi View Post
    HAHAHAAHA.... that's what you get for being a loyal customer. Lets get this straight now:

    - you've to pay a monthly fee
    - you've to buy new expansions
    - you've to purchase "premium-services" to get access to things which should be free, because:
    There are a lot of things I will fault Blizzard for but charging people money for a service is not one of them. You have to pay for things you want. I know this idea might seem odd to the people that thing everything should be free (music, movies etc.) but that is not how the world works.

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    Another bloody cash sink. Thanks blizzard, you greedy fucks.

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    whether or not you choose to get the premium service, and think you're punishing blizzard by not doing so, I can guarantee they'll post record profits after this drops. a lot of wow players have a scary amount of disposable income. like who really needs remote guild chat?

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    What's the point of paying for a premium service to play with others from a different realm when I can just.... oh I don't know.... move to that realm for a one time fee? So stupid, I really hope that decision gets put down before it's implemented.

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    Feels like wow is going to be subscribtion + micro transactions. I mean miscro subs on top of micro subs. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    this makes me sick, again a paying service that in no way we should be charged for

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    haha... Pay for a Premium account to play with "friends" on other servers... OR - have these friends transfer to your current server. Unless this premium service is $0.10 then you'd have to be bottom of the food chain to pay for it. I guess they need to make up for the money they lost when myself, and another half a million people, cancelled their accounts.

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    Isn't the game sort of, you know, already premium?

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    Another reason not to come back to the game :/
    HOw much would you pay a year on top of three expansions and one game. WoW is far too expensive to play now.

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    Don't know why this is a paid service, maybe they miss the money they lost from the declining players.

    Very nice idea though, hopefully they won't charge too much for this service because it already feels like a shit deal.

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    I wonder if battlegroups are going to impose any form of barriers. Can I, a player of the Reckoning Battlegroup play with a Ruin friend?

    Either way, it'll probably not matter, I'd love to play with some friends I have on differente realms, but I ain't paying extra for that.

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    PREMIUM service? Are you fucking joking me, Blizzard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strokr View Post
    So, since they're able to program that ... they should be able to initiate cross realm BOAs :/
    It's actually a lot more complex sending items across realms to characters than inviting characters (or pre-organizing groups)

    I don't mind this being paid, if they back away from it being paid, great, but it's only 1 person needing it to be paid, and it's also targeted at a very small group of players so it's not like they'd be making a huge killing off of it.

    It's not like they are charging for the LFD tool itself, so there should be no complains IMO, since this is a secondary service, and not needed.

    You mean I have to PAY to upgrade to FIRST CLASS? WTF IS THIS CRAP?
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    I actually had a smile on my face for a few seconds...

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    ...seriously? A premium feature to play with my friends?


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    The future rocks! But now again we can see how shitty blizzard has become by making some1 pay for it, now it's crap.
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