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    Premium implies we arent already paying to play this game. This isnt a F2P MMO...

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    Tbh i think this seemingly little blue post might of just drove a stake through blizzards heart

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    A paid service? Paying extra to play with my friends? Are you have a F'in laugh?

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    i had the same :/
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    I thought the monthly subscription was for the future development of this game. Not to develop more stuff for us to pay for. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldfiredragon View Post
    There are a lot of things I will fault Blizzard for but charging people money for a service is not one of them. You have to pay for things you want. I know this idea might seem odd to the people that thing everything should be free (music, movies etc.) but that is not how the world works.
    Thats not the point. We already pay a ton of money just to play the game. Its obscene that they're charging money for an ingame feature like crossrealm DF. It should be inclusive. HoN just makes you pay once and absolutely everything that comes out later is free. Blizzard is just being greedy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reemix View Post
    ...seriously? A premium feature to play with my friends?

    .... Seriously? A faction transfer cost to play with my friends?
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    If you don't want to pay, roll a new character on your friend's realm. Or even better, start leveling new toons in a new realm.


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    nice idea, but who would really pay a monthly fee for this? I know there have been many "tinfoil hat" suggestions that wow is moving more and more into the micro transaction realm, and this one kind of stinks.

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    All go QQ so fucking hard on official forums blizzard will change their mind IMO.

    Feature is awesome. Paid? GTFO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velios View Post
    I actually had a smile on my face for a few seconds...
    True story ^^^
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    Don't they realize that they are losing subscribers? Shit man, way to drop the ball blizzard.

    Premium shit sucks.

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    Nice Idea, But I'll never pay for it.

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    All of my RealID friends are on my server anyways so whatevs.

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    Haha oh wow.. I'm going to enjoy seeing the Blizzard Defense Force attempt to defend this one.

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    take all of my money, take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redmund View Post
    Can't say I'm impressed with this being a paid service. Hopefully they backtrack on that.
    Agreed. This is also making me afraid of the possibility that the Cross-server BoA items will be a 'premium' feature, too.

    C'mon Activision-Blizzard, Other MMOs consider people who pay a monthly subscription as their VIP/Premium customers! What the hell is up with this?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yemiena View Post
    Trying to cash in as much money as they can before the game is dead. wehoo.
    this, activision has ruined this game

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    I understand why faction/server transfer or race change are premium features (and personally, I think they should be more expensive than they are today to avoid players changing race back 'n fort every new patch). But to pay to be able to fully utilize the realID?!? That's really lame.

    I can totally see it now: "Next patch, players will be allowed to send Bound to items to their characters in any server. However, this will be a premium feature because we love money and nobody is buying our flying monkey mount"

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    This pisses me off, but i'm still laughing at all the people who "quit" saying WoW is going to lose more subs this way.
    If you quit, why are you here? Oh yeah you either didn't quit or you still have WoW on your mind. which is almost the same as playing it.

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