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    here we go

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    wauw... let's see how much we can milk out customers that already purchased several expansions, paid for character transfers, race changes and pay a MONThLY fee to play the game. stupid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eerokhi View Post
    Wow Silver account
    Wow Gold account
    Wow Platinum account
    Confirmed that Activision-Blizzard are SA Goons, trolling the hell out of us.
    Quote Originally Posted by dexter44
    There is no patch for human stupidity
    Orihank is displeased.

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    meaning in "soon" according to payment methods = we are almost done, and we will be asking for money in 1 week tops.

    meaning in "soon" according to no charge methods = hey today we had an awesome idea at the watercooler. so basically this is just a vague idea, we aren't nearly done, and we will be releasing it in like 5 to 6 months.

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    Mobile guild chat, mobile auction house,... only a fraction of the players would ever be using that, was perfectly justified charging extra for that. Now this is an ingame feature.... hmmm lets see. I hope they arent planning even more stuff like this that really does effect the actual ingame-gameplay.

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    Soon we will have to pay for bonus in-game items that boost your stats.
    Maybe even the ability to purchase legendary weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eerokhi View Post
    Tbh i think this seemingly little blue post might of just drove a stake through blizzards heart
    This. Blizzard has changed forever guys, funny because the fanboys won't stand up to this and similarly with the store this will make blizzard millions. zzz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsi View Post

    - you've to purchase "premium-services" to get access to things which should be free, because:
    Why should they be free?
    Being able to group with friends on other servers isnt possible, you know whats possible?
    But people dont want to do that.
    So people server transfer, for a fee.

    Creating this as a free service would be fucking stupid.
    Only 1 player needs to have this sub, which is likely to cost close to nothing just like the remote AH etc.
    And then you can play with people you are not supposed to play with, since well, they are on an completely other server!

    You dont like it?
    Sure, dont use it.
    Server transfer or reroll instead, wanna bet which is more time-money effective?
    Thought so.

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    Is May 17th the second 1st April this year?

    Well let's face it, with Activision and Modern Warfare 3 I guess they are spilling more cash that way than Cataclysm development, hence Blizzard needs more income to make up for a lot of development time and re-hauling of the current system.

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    I think it's about time to bail for me, I like the game a lot still but when I see shit like this its just going to get worse.

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    In b4 massive amounts of QQ.
    Oh wait.


    This was a feature that was asked by a large amount of people already. At first I was really excited, because not everyone has the resources to reroll to their friends server. However, this system does not mean anything to such people, since they will not be able to pay for it.

    The argument for it being premium to party leaders is also invalid, since it will make premium players more valuable in the 5man system. Imagine only 1 person having the premium service, other 4 friends have to wait for him in order to play together. What if he's not there that weekend? The other 4 just continues pugging?

    I'm not an economist, but If this is Blizzards policy of a F2P transition, I dislike it. Sure, a lot of the MMO's went from being okay to superawesome by making it F2P + premium services, and sure Blizzards new project Hydra may be one of them, and SURE they want to test it on their playerbase, however this has several negative impacts on the community.

    People without the premium have to still use conventional ways of dungeoning. Guild runs or random. When you do a dungeon with 4 friends, it's just better. Premium players will have access for fast & safe dungeon runs. The argument of "make friends from your server" would be a contradictory one, since the whole point of this new system is the other way around.
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    I miss vanilla.

    None of this BS.

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    Having to pay for this is pretty horrible. We already pay for membership, that SHOULD be premium enough.

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    The "Premium" thing goes through, I leave.

    I hope they understand that by attempting to get more money out of the remaining subscribers, something like this will make them lose AT LEAST double the amount they already lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiranak View Post
    At first I was like

    but then I was like
    yeah, this is a great idea, but horrible they are going to charge us to use a feature that should have been implemented awhile ago

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    Love the idea, but having to pay more to play with friends cross relams?

    bad design very bad indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko View Post
    .... Seriously? A faction transfer cost to play with my friends?
    You're joking right? Actually xfering to another server is one thing. That price is completely understandable. You're actually moving a toon to an entire different server with it's contents in order to play with your friends.

    But what about those of us who have friends on other servers but already have obligations? I have a handful of buddies scattered across multiple servers that I'd love to be able to run a dungeon with but can't because we're already dedicated to our guild and respected servers....

    So you're going to charge a premium for me to use a dungeon finder tool? I'm not moving to a server. They're not moving to a server. We just want to play together. Blizzard is just being completely greedy and attempting to make a quick buck considering how fast their losing subscriptions. I'm sorry. But I'll be damned if I'm going to pay to play with friends after I already pay enough as it is for this game and the other "cosmetic or relocation" features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mascotte View Post
    Why should they be free?

    You dont like it?
    Sure, dont use it.
    Server transfer or reroll instead, wanna bet which is more time-money effective?
    Thought so.
    You do realize no one was talking about comparing it with transfering or rerolling? People need to realize that some people might have a guild or other friends on the server they already play on which makes it difficult for them to transfer. For people like this, it would be a nice feature to be able to play with friends who originally rolled on another realm. Playing with friends should not be something you have to pay for.

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    Agreed with Mascotte.

    This paid service won't make or break the game. It's an added feature that you can use to play with friends who aren't on your server. You aren't entitled to this by default. You can go ahead and roll an alt on their server if you don't want to use it.

    Personally, I'll throw all the money I have at this because I don't have the time to level an alt and gear it up as much as I have my main, but I'd still love to play with some of my friends who play on other servers.

    +1 to Blizzard.

    -10 points to people with entitlement issues.

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    Well, it's a good thing I'm scouting out other games. Any game with membership "levels" is a game I don't want to be part of.
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