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    Healing Priests - What are your experiences healing the new heroics?

    How's it going everyone?

    Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed - while queueing up as DPS - that I've yet to see a single priest class healer doing these instances.

    So under the cover of darkness (around 2:30 am and fueled by a left over red bull) I decided to swap spec and go Discipline and try to heal Zul'Aman.
    Please keep in mind that I'm not a hardcore healer, but I manage to heal the older Cataclysm heroics without any problems.

    Man was it tough. Smite healing wasn't cutting it and I noticed that you can spam Prayer of Healing to AOE heal people without a whole lot of problems.
    It seems like if you're going to heal as a Disc. Priest you're going to need a fairly educated PUG that knows the boss mechanics.

    So I'm here to see what other people experiences were like. Are you struggle but succeeding or just struggling in general?

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    As you've stated it's highly dependent on the people you're with and how knowledgeable they are with the instance, when I go in there as disc it's usually with tanks I trust, I will rarely ever tried to pug that instance and when I do I decide very quickly on whether or not to stay with the group

    All in all though I have had pretty good luck with the few times I have pugged, got decent tanks or if I did get an inexperienced tank they were quick to learn and DPS was decent.

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    On the PTR it was nigh impossible, but that's mostly because 90% of the characters there were premades in full 346 gear, and about 75% of them didn't know how to play the class they created.

    On live, it was a bit tough for the first week or so, but then it was easy. Never really hard though, seeing as I was avg ilvl 363 or so.
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    I've healed all of them multiple times as holy, PuG's and Guild groups.
    Zero problems
    Edit: started with an ilevel of 346

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    I find holy is a lot better for 5 mans. disc definitely has its place in raids but lightwell, chakra, holy word and inproved in combat regen outweighs the bonuses from disc when you're the only healer and smite healing doesnt cut it, especially in Z heroics.

    I played disc for the longest time and i love it still but i cant help the feeling that it's lagging behind for 5 mans
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    (holy) The first time I tried the bird boss in ZA with 3 melee I almost had a heart attack. That shit was brutal, I was pushing 17.5k HPS and we still wiped. Mass dispelling the buff, keeping the bird target alive while ½ person killed it while making sure everyone else actually stayed alive. 0% buff with guild mates (1-2 alts though).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobson View Post
    I find holy is a lot better for 5 mans. disc definitely has its place in raids but lightwell, chakra, holy word and inproved in combat regen outweighs the bonuses from disc when you're the only healer and smite healing doesnt cut it, especially in Z heroics.
    I've healed both of them multiple times as Holy and Disc, had no problems as either spec. Atonement spec for disc too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    I've healed both of them multiple times as Holy and Disc, had no problems as either spec. Atonement spec for disc too.
    Same. I actually have a lot more luck with Disc because it allows me to use GH more, which is a fairly important spell for these new heroics. However, Holy is nice for it's group healing capability. Either way, the feel that I got outta them is that it's a move away from mana-efficiency and a move towards through-put. Not to say that mana efficiency isn't still important, it's just moving away from that.
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    Entered ZA the day after it was released, wiped horribly on the first boss when the group took 40k damage / second each. I was then votekicked for "bad healing". Haven't tried since, will probably try in a few weeks time when people have actually learned the fights. No rush really
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    The problem is, your view of healing these instances is entirely dependand on your group. A good geared tank, dps'ers who don't stand in stuff, it all makes your healing role so much easier. If everything of these things work out correctly, healing the instances (even in entry gear) is not hard. But alas, baddies are everywhere, so get ready for a world of hurt. Out of both speccs, I must say holy is better in these instances, more regen and situational cooldowns (lightwell!!) and strong aoe healing really shines in these instances.

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    I only healed part of Zul'Aman but I hardly ever do heroics on my priest. I noticed a rather big increase in difficulty when compared to the 'regular' heroics, but I must say that it also seemed very, very group dependent.
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    i actualy i can heal easy as disc / smite spec , but as holy i cant heal a shit lol idk why xD

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    People doing good dps really helps a lot. Pre nerf bird boss in ZA wasn't doable with people doing 10k dps max and not knowing the fight. When we wiped on that, recount showed me doing 20k hps and they were still dropping like flies.

    So now i usually just leave if the highest dps is only 10k, since it's not worth the time and trouble.

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    I've only ever healed a normal heroic cata dungeon once as disc (ToT), and I quite enjoyed it - I made myself some MOMs and I found it to be quite a breeze - I used to heal as holy before for all the old world dungeons when I was levelling, and I just thought to myself, why not have a challenge?

    I wouldn't mind trying to heal a Zandalaari dungeon, but I've decided to gear for PvP on her now, because I enjoy it that little bit more....
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    Smite is not supposed to cut it, just because your smite also heals it is not a replacement for PWS and Penance.

    Having said that, try doing that last boss with the chains with 3 dps that dont seem to understand "Get inside the bubble"...
    OK so it took 3 tries for everyone to get in the bubbles
    Then "NUKE ADDS" dont seem to mean anything to anyone as the healer ends up KITING a total 10 ghosts and eventually getting one shot.

    Was not untill my guildy tank actually actively started tanking the ghosts that we barely made it.

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    As a Disc Priest I can say speccing into AA/Atonement is good and all, but sadly it isn't too great in most heroics.
    There are exceptions for some fights though. (i.e. Bear boss, Lynx boss.)
    Although, in Zul'Gurub you'll most likely be limited to the basic Heal, Greater Heal, Pennance, Mending and PW:S.

    Healing the newer heroics is all group reliant to be honest. However, if I had to say something about the difficulty for just myself in the dungeons, it would probably be the fact that the trash can be incredibly powerful, and causes me to blow cooldowns from time to time.
    (Though, it's not really bad that you have to since you should practice using cooldowns when they are needed and not just save them for a boss.)

    The only reason for not seeing many Disc Priests in newer heroics in my opinion is because Disc is too single target reliant and there is a TON of party damage in Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub, and it's rather annoying.
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    I'm a disc priest and I read up on the tactics for ZG. 1 guildy joined me for a pug there and we made it through quite easily except for Jin'do, because I wasn't paying attention to the ground when green-phase was up.
    I've looked up several movies about ZA and it hasn't really changed much, except that it's way easier than back in TBC. On the first group I was kicked because I asked for CC on the last trash before Nalorakk. The tank was getting hit by a truck and the 3 boomkins in the group had no desire of using CC just for that pack.
    1 week later, I went in again and after an accidental tripple pull (1 scout succceded in calling for reinforcements and a hunter backpedalled into a group) we all still lived.

    Hard part as disc:
    Eagle boss (loads of AoE damage, not much room for error)

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    I have refused to heal them on my priest so far. This is going purely on my experiences as a DPS in these instances. I only ever run PuGs and the limited ones I have done so far have been miserable. I actually find raiding "easier" than the Zandalari heroics which is counter-intuitive given the ilvl of both.

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    First day it was pretty scary tbh. :s Trash did insane amounts of damage and certain boss mechanics had us guessing sometimes. After doing both ZA and ZG for the first time I became a lot more experienced and now have no problems healing. I tried it as both Disc and Holy however Holy seemed much more superior. This could be because I am optimized for Holy though.

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    I use disc for my areana spec and holy for raids/5mans. As above posters said, the aoe healing in holy, as well as the mana regen, makes it the better spec for healing the new heroics.
    They are VERY group dependent, but even a weak group can get by with a good priest.
    Personally, I'm about 20/30 in attempts. The ones I had to leave (and one I got kicked) all stemmed from people standing in stuff or undergeared tanks cheating the system for a useless CTA bag. Things have gotten better as people have learned the fights.

    ZA - Eagle boss is soooooo much easier since they nerfed him. That 12-yard debuff was too much to dispel and keep heals up.
    Bear - all mechanics. Anyone can heal it if the three assigned to rotate farthest out do it properly
    Dragonhawk - People need to stay out of fire. Only real challenge is dispelling the flame buffet debuff from tank while keeping him up during the two add phases (my groups generally let one side hatch, then the other)
    Lynx - The totems make this fight very easy. Stand in green, spam flash heal and serendipity-empowered prayer of healing. So much fun to completely disregard mana.
    Malacrass - Usually, there is an undead spawn that priest can shackle, helping his own cause. Either way, though, it's nice to have a priest because every time I've been there, he has soul drained me and used lame stuff like a fear or a DoT, all easily dispeled. Interrupt his flash heals, though. I'll take that any day to him stealing a pally's wings or a hunter's snake trap.
    Dakaara - I about shat the first few times I got lynx/dragonhawk. Healing through the bleeds, keeping the tank up and praying tank taunts at right time is stressful! Dragonhawk mode is easy so long as tank kites and people avoid obvious flames. PoM is enough to handle the light aoe flames. Bear/eagle is a joke. Do bear the same way as before, realizing tank will take a lot more damage, and move when you see the whirlwinds move on eagle. The only real bitch is getting zapped every time you cast.

    ZG - Venoxis - Again, a PITA the first few times. This one really is dependent on DPS spreading to minimize toxic link damage, then not letting it explode in melee, in addition to avoiding poison on the ground. Whispers needs interrupted and tank shouldn't be taking shots from breath. Overall, this fight is as easy or hard as the group makes it on you.
    Mandokir - Again, group will make or break this fight. If you have low DPS, slam fails (deaths to slam) or people who are not focusing Oghan asap when he is up, that's that. Otherwise, pretty easy, especially since you'll probably eat one decapitate, replenishing your mana when you res. Bloodletting can be a PITA, but throw on a HoT or a shield to eat some of the damage, then heal to full when u can, since there isn't really any other party damage.
    Kilnara - Tough one to heal even at high iLev. The cats will make your life hell throughout P1, and I find DPS using lightwell while I concentrate on tank to be enormously helpful. I generally have to pop hymn at some point during the cat-killing phase. After that, it's tank and spank, with negligible group damage.
    Zanzil - Lightwell by the green cauldron. If dps don't need to be grabbing blue or red for zombies or berserker, they should be standing by it. Biggest problems here seem to be ranged who can't avoid zanzil fire (melee have an easier time seeing which way he is facing on cast) and people being too far away from green cauldron. Prayer of mending is awesome here, as are constantly rolling HoTs and shields. Dissuade overzealous melee from all picking up flame cauldron at once, because it's a lot to heal through.
    Jin'Do - Bottom line - Can your DPS keep adds off of you? That's what this fight is about. P1 is a joke, but you can lifegrip dumb dps into the barrier if they fail his empowerment (worked several times for me). P2, Everyone including you should be on a shield. My biggest problems here come from DPS either letting slams go to waste, failing to keep adds off me, or completely ignoring adds and focusing on chains once shields are down, leaving me to kite 20+ spirits and unable to shot out significant heals. Worse yet, one or more DPS heading to the chain out of LoS of everyone else. Instants and good group awareness are everything.

    TL;DR - The new dungeons, just like the original heroics with a 329 iLev, require intelligent use of CC, good awareness and patience. Survival trumps the meters, and if DPS don't see that, you're already dead. As people learn the encounters and gear up it will get easier but, for now, you may find yourself OOMing on trash pulls, and that's OK. Things go south quickly when CC gets broken or scouts call adds. I hate, HATE, advocating one spec over another, because your play should depend on what you like, but I really feel holy trumps disc in these dungeons. I have healed as disc before, and I have mad respect for those of you who pull it off in these, especially if you have a baddie or two in your group. Just not for me. Good luck, fellow priestys!
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