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    I heal ZA and ZG all the time as disc (not AA) and have never had a problem keeping everyone alive. (356 ilvl)
    For tank healing I just keep Penance, PoM, and PW: S on cd and use Gheal if the tank drops below 50%. When everyone is taking damage I just try to shield the people taking the most dmg (usually melee) and throw in 1 or 2 PoH.
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    I've enjoyed ZG/ZA quite a bit. I could be like some others here and just post 'I haven't had any problems.' so everybody else thinks I am a baller, but I'd like to think that I'm not completely worthless.

    Anyways, the direct damage that the tank can receive on certain trash pulls/bosses was quite the shocker initially. You have to bust out flash heal. Generally there is a lot of nasty AoE and single-target damage... the damage feels more frantic than healing normal raiding instances. It just felt like most of the damage came in huge bursts and then there are huge lulls. Most boss fights simply have a certain period where you have to spam your mana inefficient heals if you don't want anybody to die... and that is fine.

    For me, this place came down to getting some experience and learning how the damage came in on the various pulls. You talk as if you expect any group to beat any dungeon easily without the group knowing the boss mechanics.... seems like a lot to ask. I honestly wouldn't want blizzard to release any content that doesn't require any group members to have knowledge of boss mechanics.

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    I've not pugged them - the requirement to not stand in the fire is beyond many pugs and I can do without the headache. Guild runs I find easy as disc, but then I'm overgeared. I can smite heal ZA heroics almost exclusively FWIW (359 ilvl).

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    As disc with people that have an idea of what to do its not hard, if they group doesn't know what to do then its hard because i have to go crazy on heals. I've healed it on my druid and priest my priest is better geared but i find it easier on the druid (i healed most of wrath with my druid)
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    I've pugged them both as Holy and disc, but I find ZG is far simpler than ZA in a pug simply because they aren't trying to rush ZG like they do for ZA, despite them just not being geared enough to beat the timer or aware enough on the bosses. It usually turns into a mess. Saying that I've pugged the timer before so if you do get a group who knows what to do and had the gear, ZA is faster and easier.

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    Been healing them np for the most part, nothing a lil education won't do of telling people tactics before each fight don't hurt if there's someone new to it.

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    Good question! I'm a long-time Disc priest, and entered the new heroic ZA/ZG with enthusiasm... granted, I have pretty good gear (mix non-heroic & heroic raid gear), but I found that it really just depends on the people you're grouped with. With a relatively solid group, I can get away with Smite/HF healing through almost all the trash... and there is time for some Atonement healing during the boss encounters too. The only time I've ever found ZA or ZG challenging was with below average PuGs... as expected... I mean, there is good healing, and then there are situations where people are just taking so much freakin' damage because they're incompetent that... <shrug> what can you do? I actually feel kind of bad when wiping with a PuG on the first poison boss of ZG... ... but, if you want to stand in poison or hug toxic links there's not much I can do for you bro! Fun heroics though, I enjoy them a lot.


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    Healed them quite some times now, when i PuG it, it really depends on the people i get, if they know what they do it's just cake.
    but if you get some new comers, that is still learning tacs and their dps is a little low, it is a challenge, and i quite like it that way.
    btw Dics4life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soneia View Post
    btw Dics4life
    Agreed! (lol @ dics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesco View Post
    Hard part as disc:
    Eagle boss (loads of AoE damage, not much room for error)
    Funny, I've tried that boss both as Disc and Holy, and found doing it as Disc *far* easier!
    The bear boss is also pretty straightforward as Disc, the trash packs beforehand are harder.
    The dragonhawk boss, I think might be easier as Holy; didn't get any further than that cos several of us ran out of time.

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    I liked healing them on my disc priest. Unfortunately my gear isn't that great on her yet, and my regen is a bit lackluster, so I wind up taking lots of mana breaks >.> however, it wasn't a bad experience healing, I could say it was stressful at some points, but all in all I really didn't have a problem doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAWT5AUCE View Post
    How's it going everyone?

    Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed - while queueing up as DPS - that I've yet to see a single priest class healer doing these instances.

    So under the cover of darkness (around 2:30 am and fueled by a left over red bull) I decided to swap spec and go Discipline and try to heal Zul'Aman.
    Please keep in mind that I'm not a hardcore healer, but I manage to heal the older Cataclysm heroics without any problems.

    Man was it tough. Smite healing wasn't cutting it and I noticed that you can spam Prayer of Healing to AOE heal people without a whole lot of problems.
    It seems like if you're going to heal as a Disc. Priest you're going to need a fairly educated PUG that knows the boss mechanics.

    So I'm here to see what other people experiences were like. Are you struggle but succeeding or just struggling in general?


    did you heal the older cata heroics on your disc priest with smite/archangel build? someone in my guild told me that would be impossible. I've tried, but I run out of mana so fast... Some of it might be the "trying to heal through stupid" part of the game, with people standing in the fire/purple stuff/etc... That's my one problem.

    And people who know nothing about being a priest, telling you what to do. With my smite/archangel spec, someone told me to quit DPSing the boss, and I had to explain in detailed terms the smite mechanic to them. Half way through the dungeon they go "Uhm.. isnt disc a DPS spec? why are you trying to heal this instance?"

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    I've only done Zandalari dungeons since they came out.
    Pretty much all of the good players moved to them also with a few bads getting through.

    Have you tried to do a HC recently? I did, left both runs as a Holy Priest. Boss mechanics are simple and all up in your grill so I don't get how people can fail at it.

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    I have to recognize, the first time that I went to the new heroics was because they were giving away the new satchel :P.

    For many time I had the bad habit to go on Sanctuary Chakra all the time, but the Zandalari taught me that Serenity works wonders!! Heal by default (spam-able) needs more? Power word serenity right after, then renew. Party damage->Flash heal a couple of times or binding for serendipity, then a big greater heal on tank. All this with renews and prayer of mending going around. Oh, and rapid renew rocks.

    I found hard time on several trash pulls on ZA, when they screw up the CC's, or the enrage-dispelers (trash before Nalorak, the flame caster pack, and the scout the one who comes from behind is an idiot aaaargh), oh and I forgot to mention the Claw of Rage from Daakara on lynx phase, that ability rape a party member in like 2 secs.

    Other than that, I've received good feedback form PuG members, praises, and even people who call me bad healer in early stages of the instance, they regret it later, and whisp me their thanks after the last boss.

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