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    Dragonwrath Proc

    Hey all.

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but I have, ofc, been checking up on Dragonwrath. Before new changes, was very dismayed to see Crit/Hit on the item.

    Now, overjoyed to find it have Hit and Haste, a friend online told me that the proc on Dragonwrath is not good for Shadow.

    I've looked, and I'm trying to understand what he means, apparently there has been an uproar about it, but going back about 5 pages here, can't see anything. Is it me? I happy to say I know the class very well, but for the life of me I can't see a problem with the item. As a matter of fact, it now makes me very very happy in my pants.

    Any clarificaion would be greatly appreciated.

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    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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    The Legendary staff has been updated. The Critical Strike rating replaced with Haste. Your friend however has made a silly assumption at this point. We're yet to see proc rating or damage from the proc, so don't be fooled into thinking it is or isn't for any specific class yet, keep an open mind.

    But with the change to Haste from Critical Rating, all casters will now be seeking this Legendary.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Yeah. I think a lot have misinterpreted what they are reading.

    They are reading, "duplicate the harmfull spell" and thinking that the spell you used for the proc would be duplicated. Like if I Flay a target, and it procs, I will Flay twice or something.

    I think more like, you will cast an NPC spell "Wrath of Taregosa"

    As you say, we can only wait and see for more info, but for now, yes. I need new pants.
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    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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    Anyone who is commenting on the proc is just doing so off of their own assumptions, noone has seen the proc in action yet and does not know exactly how it will work, or if it will work with dots etc. If it is better for one class than another blizzard will fix that anyways, it is still only PTR.

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    I see the mechanic existing as the staff casting a duplicate spell so that DoT classes don't suffer.

    FE: Say you happen to hast a VT -> if the proc came from you it would overwrite the existing VT and be useless -> however, if the duplicate spell mechanic works like [Dancing Rune Weapon] it would immediately cast the same spells you do.

    Which could lead to further interesting mechanics, like:
    -Will the duplicate spell cast immediately?
    -^ Or will the duplicate spell form as an instant cast proc from spells with a cast time?
    -^ If it is the above, will it be on the global cooldown?
    - If it works like the second thing listed, does that mean there will be instant cast proc'd sheep/fears in arena?

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    I GUESS the current proc is not as good for a shadow then it would be for a mage or an other class with more direct spells then a shadow has. At least in the beginning of the new raid.
    But with the t12 4p bonus it should be nearly as good for shadows if not better because we don't have many weak spells whose could force a proc. If the proc should be able to duplicate DoTs it will be epic (except the duplicated DoT is SW: P) and if it duplicates a MB/MF/SW: D (under 25%) we will see BIG numbers.
    The only weakness I see is SW: D above 25% but ideally the manapools should be big enough that we do not need to use it too often. And with a "proc tracker" for the staff it should be timeable that we don't waste the proc on a 6k dmg spell or to time it right if it grants not only a doublicated spell but also a duplicated proc off the spell (20% mana with one SW: D could be awesome if there are any problems with mana).

    EDIT: I think with the legendary we will be forced to the hitcap. Imagine a duplicated 3orb MB crit misses ~ 200k damage lost ô.O
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    I've not a caster as main character, but i love to dig data.

    The "real" proc is a different effect from the listed proc, which seems to be a buff. This second one is written as "does 0 arcane damage" with the 0 obviously being a placeholder or similar.

    I read this as: spells can proc the buff. Next spell you cast does its damage + consuming the buff and dealing the same damage as arcane.

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    Hmm. Maybe they dont have to change much? Maybe just give a cool visual effect, and simply double the damage of the spell that procced the staff? That would be relatively simple to do, and would technically be a "duplication"

    But. hmm, imagine it, If feeling crazy, I occasionally take great pleasure in one shotting myself with 240k SW: D crits on Halfus. 480k crit?

    More info Blizz pls

    @ Coldkill, I did the same mate. There does appear to be a spell in the PTR files called Wrath of Tarecgosa. Maybe it is a spell the NPC will use during the chain for the staff. Maybe we will simply get to use the same spell, and as you say, takes the damage values from the spell that procs it, or maybe, gives a flat damage as Arcane. Pulling nubers from the air, maybe it hits for 200k ever 90 seconds or so...
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    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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    [Priest] Dragonwrath Stats on PTR

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