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    Quote Originally Posted by harkonen View Post
    I mentioned tribe, and people under the stairs :P
    Ah sorry, I just kinda skimmed that huge list and missed Tribe called Quest. I did see People Under the Stairs on there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Youarefired View Post
    Anything in the 80's and 90's. After that, rap went downhill.
    Meh, there is still some good stuff, just not what they play on the radio.

    Like this! Danger Mouse + MF Doom + Talib Kweli = win

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    Quote Originally Posted by kliffharry View Post
    Classic! I havn't done alot of research about them ,but I thought they were called "Warlocks"

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    I miss something? Where are the Roots in all of this?
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    Something that means something lyrically? Here's a beast :P

    Mariah and Nick pretty much shut up after that. Ruin Eminem's career Nick? Bold but baseless threat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunstrikeisretlawl View Post
    I miss something? Where are the Roots in all of this?

    Also, the great works of the late J. Dilla.

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    double post

    stupid thing...

    just said: j dilla died? that sucks
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    For great Justice
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    more great justice

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    Some of my favorites... Enjoy!

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    i miss old outkast they were so damn awesome back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikus View Post
    In my mind, anything by Immortal Technqiue is great. Especially Dance with the Devil. And even though it's considered "mainstream" anything off the Marshall Mathers LP is good.
    i just found out about them like 3 days ago. and that song, holy moly! badass!

    ---------- Post added 2011-08-05 at 10:54 PM ----------

    will someone kill the autotuned voices. that shiz is killing hiphop if it aint dead alrdy!

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    'bout to drop some sick swag beats and lyrics about this playa that's 'bout to swag swag swag team ... wait, what?

    Hip Hop about a man arriving at the Gates of Heaven to find that he's not being let in because of his sinful life. The lyrics contain an engaging debate between the man and the guardian of Heaven, where the man is attempting to justify his life by good actions he did, only to have them shot down due to his vanity, need for attention and other unsavory characteristics.

    And while we're at it, who said hip hop had to be upbeat in the slightest?

    Tonedeff's flow is unreal. I used to think Atmosphere (on his best songs) had untouchable flow but Tonedeff surpasses.

    This thread needs some love for the south, which at first seems to only be populated by the likes of crunk artists and other terrible people. There's good underground there, too!

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    Basically anything Jurassic 5 for me. Concrete School Yard would have to be my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by Swizzle
    okay, i'm going to try a crazy new theory: i'm going to take my pants off and type this in the nude (shirts are for pussies in the first place). i will also type it slowly and in full capitalized letters so those with impaired vision can see it (though it will not be in caps, since i hold down the shift key HA).

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    my favorite song is brother ali watcha got not sure who the artist is but it sounds like ice cube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomasmgp View Post
    Pretty much anything made during the 1990s. I cant stand modern Rap it just has no soul to it. Everyone has just sold out for money and it all sounds like shit.

    Ice Cube's Today it was a Good Day ( possibly the best Rap song ever made )
    Wu-Tangs 36 chambers...about every song
    All of Outkast's CD ATLiens
    Biggie's Ready To Die CD...again pretty much every song
    Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders CD
    Lost Boyz (Music Makes me High, Lifestyles of the rich and shameless, Me and my Crazy World)
    2-Pac's Thug Life album all songs
    You haven't listened to enough shit then.

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    Love these guys. =)

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    Would be Easy peasy for me.

    as i'm an (Well EX) Bboy!
    Had quite a few performances and Battles.

    But damn i only like old school hiphop.
    Becouse if i lissen to new hiphop that a few of my classmates lissend to.. i wasnt able to fucking feal a beat, but it made me feel poor D:. but then dont like oldskool hiphop? wut

    i'll post a fewGood songs.

    hese are some of the less famous good songs i know. i could make a freaking long list but well.
    Wow b.boy Here <3 my beats my music .

    peace out bro's and sis's

    (ps: i dont care about the lirics i all go full out on the beats Real dancer here )
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynnyelle View Post

    Love these guys. =)
    I met Charli 2na years ago at Wapred Tour. Was funny cause he was just walking around and no one knew who he was (it was before Jurassic 5 did their set). Seriously cool guy. Its too bad they broke up.

    2na's solo stuff is still pretty good, but I still miss Jurassic 5

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    That's real rap music, you feel me?

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