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    SWP/mind flay and procs.

    Do you need to hard cast shadow word pain to get beneficial buffs like the valiona trinket for your shadow word pain to get the bonus as well or does mind flay refresh it with all current procs up?

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    Refreshing it with MF is exactly the same as if you'd just cast SW:P again.
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    well its exactly the same except for a few details
    MF has a facing requirement so its not always ideal when multidotting
    MF does damage for your GCD while SWPain does not
    MF costs less mana
    MF Stacks evangalism
    MF can proc more orbs

    MF refresh has the same effect as a hard cast on the dot damage but will always be a dps gain over hard-casting. Ideally you should hard-cast SWPain once per target per fight (for 2-3 target fights, more than that and it gets hard to keep em all up with just MF).

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