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    Best Rogue PVE Race

    Hey there, simple question what would be the best race for a rogue Pve atm since patch 4.1 came out?

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    Worgen or Troll I think.
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    I run undead for personal reasons, but in terms of DPS and movements...
    Prolly gonna say either an Orc, Troll, Goblin or Worgen.
    Orc for damage, Troll for haste buff, Goblin for racial haste and rocket jump, Worgen for racial crit and secondary sprint.
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    and human for racial if ur goin combat tho as i like to say looks > stats so go for what u like most
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    Worgen alliance, Orc/Goblin for horde, followed by troll.

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    I do <3 my Belf for Raiding. Arcane Torrent is quite useful for a 15 energy return when opening up, or as an extra silence/interrupt for fights like Halfus, Chogall, Arcanotron, Maloriak, etc...

    It may not be the direct DPS increase that Trolls/Goblins/Orc get through their racials, but I'd rather look at a Belf Rogue anyday, and the utility does come in handy for PvE and PvP.

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    Troll, because the boss will be distracted by your good looks.
    Or try Orc and distract with your bad looks. And the smell. Ugh, the smell, let me tell you....
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    People May not like the way ORC\'s Look but let me tell u, ORC racial Bloodfury is insane @ 85. 1100AP is very good for a 2min cd on a racial. Thats just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymirsson View Post
    Troll, because the boss will be distracted by your good looks.
    Or try Orc and distract with your bad looks. And the smell. Ugh, the smell, let me tell you....
    QFT. Listen to this dude.
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    I too agree with ymirsson. Troll Rogues FTW! Though I think the best race is probably Goblin atm Horde side due to having the most useful racials.

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    For Alliance, Worgen folllowed by any race that gets an expertise bonus for the type(s) of weapons you're using. For Horde, Orc and Goblin are tops, with Undead is the lowest.

    Troll completely ravages any other class on a boss that's "beast"-type, however.

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    Worgen are the top race overall, not just for alliance, but the top for horde is goblin. Passives are much better than on use racials, and as the goblin haste doesn't give additional energy regen, the worgen crit is more beneficial, and a 2nd sprint is much better than a back jump that could land you in some shit.

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    For a horde combat rogue the best is actually an orc with an axe/fist weapon MH.

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