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    ERR_TRAVEL_PASS_NOT_ALLIED = "You cannot invite players from the opposing faction.";
    ERR_TRAVEL_PASS_NOT_LEADER = "You are not a group leader.";
    ERR_TRAVEL_PASS_NO_INFO = "Retrieving information...";
    Is that what I think it is?

    I sure hope not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by infernity View Post
    at first view, it looks like we may find it hard to get hit capped again as well...
    Yeah, but it looks like there might be more hit on non set/crafted items. Either way hit is such a pain now lol.

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    thihihihih Twilight drake :>
    is it theralion model? (not the colour just model) or the one from 25m sath?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarevokcz View Post
    well, I use LHW very, VERY rarely in PvE right now already, GHW with tidal waves up is just too good compared to LHW with bigger critchance and outside of that, I rarely see situations where nonhasted GHW caused a death over LHW, usually people just stand in bad stuff, maybe for situational tank healing with huge spike dmg?. That said, nerfing it by 20% should come with alteast 5-10% manacost reduction.
    ppl forgot the 50% increase on crit... is not a real nerf... Shaman only cast it when have the Rilda Wave Buff... before the "Nerf" it crit for ~32k on PTR, normal heals are 15k-17k a 20% ~ 3k - 3.4k , so will heal for 12k-13.6k, and will crit for 24k-27.2k (all this numbers... not raid buffed so should be more) something like that... so like I said before is not a real nerf. just balacing it w/ the new Crit Bonus.

    So it will heal like Regrowth, atm on PTR regrowth Crit for 24k~ (not raid buffed), and Druids w/ the right talent have a 75%+ Crit on Regrowth, and w/ Living Seed, leave a next heal on attack for 7.2k ... so maybe they will neft Regrowth Too... Regrowth = 24k Health + Hot + ~7k Healing on next Attack...

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    Ha they removed the nerf to Annihilation, seemed kind of dumb to nerf it though. I think the slight Howling Blast nerf is a reasonable compromise since to be honest it's so OP and is going to scale better with Mastery then Obliterate will since it's damage is also based on your weapon and overall strength, it's too good when you can unlock it at a lower level.

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    Well... Brew Event start on Sept 20(checking in game calendar)... I so 4.2 should release as far near that date (4months from now enough time for it)....

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    Nice holy paladin changes...

    But how much time before we get thé nerf hammer over our head b
    'cause we will "sit at 40% mana"?

    By the way on my drood i have nô mana issue and i spam Wg and rejuve all the day and nothing about that?

    In the other hand my fellow priest spams PoH and CoH nô matter what with no mana issues as well...Nothing here too...

    But so far blizz nerfed holy paladins and shamans who are already at the bottom of healing ( about efficiency)

    i dont get it...
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    If they don't put procs on those HH trinkets all they will do is dummy sit for the ilvl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shae View Post
    By the way on my drood i have nô mana issue and i spam Wg and rejuve all the day and nothing about that?
    During what sort of content out of interest? If I tried to revert back to the days fo rejuv blanketing from ICC in 10 and especially 25man raids I am quite certain I'd oom in the first two minutes (even more so if the encounters were on heroic mode).

    My bf just made a holy pally and after he dinged 85 jumped right into heroics with absolutely no mana issues even when someone stuffs up. Though he cant stop complaining about the nerf he does admit that his mana gain is a little op atm. Though tbh I'd rather they keep their mana gain how it is! Better for the raid! XD
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    Embereye Belt - "Requires Avengers of Hyjal - Honored"

    Honored? I assume this will be exhalted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qhara View Post
    Whoa more FB buff. Thats means - if glyphed- Fdruids get a max heal of 10% of thier total health.
    1. Ferocious Bite damage has been increased by 15%. In addition, its base cost has been reduced to 25 energy and it can use up to 25 energy, for up to a 100% damage increase.
    thats from the official patch notes. so it would be a max of 5%.
    2. Upon mousing over Ferocious Bite, the "consumes up to an additional 25 energy to increase damage by up to 100%" is in red. if thats not a datamined error, then it will only be 2.5%.

    I'm assuming its an error, and will be a 5% heal.

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    The nerf to Howling Blast isn't that big... it's actually VERY small. They only nerfed the base damage, didn't even touch the attack power coefficient (I.E. the number that matters the most). It's actually a flat 60~119 damage reduction, hardly noticeable and frankly still not enough to kill Shadowfrost. Though I'm guessing the datamined info is wrong and it's supposed to be 8% overall damage including the AP coefficient.

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    Holy Shield now increases the amount your shield blocks by an additional 10% instead of increasing your chance to block by 5%.
    So I can stop making my spreadsheets now to work out the best gear? Damn, wasted time on that...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilmir View Post
    Embereye Belt - "Requires Avengers of Hyjal - Honored"

    Honored? I assume this will be exhalted?
    That's the new firelands rep, so nope, I'd say honored is possible. Depends on what the other rewards are...

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    Healing Surge healing has been reduced by 20%, from [ 5605 - 6404 ] to [ 4484 - 5122 ]
    cant understand that. ridiculous

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    I would like to see more mastery on priest's set, but ok... I think I'll handle it...

    And I'm little confused to brewfest and horseman's lewtz - it is practically free to obtain gear and better than BoT and BWD normal drop. It seems, that we will have another 2 raids without participants.

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    Who cares ... Blizzard is implementing premium services and thats simply not acceptable.

    There are players of principle out there and BLizzard stepped over the line. No amount of purples will lure them back.

    The holy paladin changes are damage limitation changes but once again they do not tackle the real issues the spec has. Far from it.
    I will be voting with my wallet once more come patch 4.2. I bought Minecraft for last WOW sub - and Im pretty sure there are some very good games out there for 15-20$ that will give me more pleasure than WOW in its current state.
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    Item - Mage T12 4P Bonus no longer affects Arcane Missiles, and no longer allows it to be casted while moving. Now changes Arcane Power to decrease the cost of spells by 10% instead of increasing their cost.

    wow... Blizz realy hate you Mages ....

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    Mage :
    Item - Mage T12 4P Bonus no longer affects Arcane Missiles, and no longer allows it to be casted while moving.

    How come they revert such a game changing tier bonus? Maybe bcs they realise it rly is too game changing! So why suggest implementing it through a tier bonus at all?
    I guess theres a glyph coming... and that was just a teaser for us, mages.

    Its like a politic saying, lets reduce the taxes, and then says, hm lets instead build one more hospital. Makes us think theres no much thinking at all. Random is random ;/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creptius View Post
    Wow, even if they finish putting the armor on that thing, its going to be the ugliest gladiator mount. They really need to come up with a better idea than this.
    Come on! That halfmade drakemodel is just a result of someone playing with crayons. I think it is said - but I don't have the actual link/ blue - that the glad mount now will be a groundmount, useable in arenas? It fer sure ain't that one copy pasted here.

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