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    Mastery haste on warrior t12 you've got to be fucking kidding me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    It will probably be out August or September. Blizzard has never released major content patch in June or July.
    Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD, Starcraft 2, etc...

    Not patches, but... they are major.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lickmun View Post
    Plate Spell DPS ?!?!?
    Maybe a typo of some sort. + it's ptr.
    Why do people at first glance of a fresh datamined build go on an outrage thinking this all will go live? People really need to read, and think.

    I suspect new builds, datamines popping up soon.

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    An expected change for shaman, given healing surge with tidal waves crits often and the extra crits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jshidaka View Post
    I <3 ppl commenting w/o any knowledge .... anyone remember that Crits are now 100% of the normal Spell instead 50%?
    Right, so, the fact every healer spec but one gets full use of a an otherwise across the board healing buff... doesn't count as a nerf? Content wont be based around the throughput other healers can achieve?

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    Why not just give ferals a kill macro aswell ? please think about what you are doing blizz.. ferals do not need that boost that you are giving them.. can't you see that ? QQ <3

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    Oh maah gawd!?rfodsfs Sulfuras? I really don't hope it will look like the Vanilla one. Else.. Imma kill ya'll!


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    Ah of course, it was too good to be true. They changed the Arcane Missiles part of the 4-piece T12. Damn finally Arcane was getting a bit more mobility and it's gone before it ever happened. Was to be expected I guess, but a shame nonetheless seeing how many fights involve considerable movement at the moment. Well I'll live. The Arcane Power buff seems nice too, although would have preferred the Arcane Missiles while moving. Then again, that would probably have made arcane mages OP in PVP I guess...
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    The new tooltip for Beacon of Light is worded oddly. I don't think it's confusing or anything, it's just a mouthful (not that the old one was much better). Instead of adding an exception for Holy Light and then having to describe what the exception is after describing Beacon's functionality, it should just read that Holy Light heals the Beacon and all other healing spells heal the Beacon for half.

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    necro strike nerf was uncalled for! >:l

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    lol rogues are being ignored? why dont we get changes?

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    strength to parry conversion.....og, i really do hope that name is just for the ptr and NOT on the live!

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