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    Post Michael Tsarion - The Serpents, The Sons, Atlantis

    I am posting this because it was sparked between a conversation with a few friends on Facebook during the whole 'END OF THE WORLD' ordeal, and I was hoping for other people's response to it. Of course, a lot of you probably don't want to listen to a 2 hour rant about "life" kinda thing, but those of you who do, please submit your thoughts about it

    For people who are either
    A. Bored
    B. Haters to Science (This is not a religion thread so please, don't post anything like that)
    C. Open Minded
    D. Wanna bag out on what some believe to be stupidity (Buuuut, not in this thread =] You can do that with your friends)

    Though I will say I do not believe in anything, I see things as they come, but I do not believe this stupid as some of the facts in this documentary, make a lot of sense towards people's arguments per say the increase in scientific knowledge (progress) come 2012.

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