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    [Beginner Open CRP] The Brewery, Satellite of Tempest Keep.

    For years, The Brewery had been declared as missing. Initially, when the Naaru brought Tempest Keep to Draenor, The Brewery accompanied its sister ships. Shortly after though, it vanished. It was thought that the intoxicated Draenei pilot had drunk too much Argus Ale, and had accedentally activated the ship's trans-dimensional drive. In true fact, the missing vessel had been travelling in the space between dimensions, lost. Yet, in the last month, The Brewery had reappeared in the skies above Azeroth. As it plummeted to the ground below in a smiliar fashion to The Exodar in previous years, it securely landed upon the Maelstrom. Successfuly plugging the vortex, and saving Deepholm and Azeroth, it came at a large cost. Thrall, Aggra, Nobundo, and Muln had all perished in the event, leaving the Earthen Ring leaderless. However, such a plight had a good side, as The Brewery had reopened as a colossal Inn.

    Situated atop the Maelstrom and the graves of the Earthen Ring's leadership, there is an active portal service between all major capitals and The Brewery. Come along and join on in the fun!


    ((This is a Beginner RP, so just join in, and have some fun! As stated, it can be accessed from all major capitals, but it is also a neutral sanctuary.))


    "I'm just an unholy fool, oh baby it's so cruel, but I'm still in love with Dar'khan, baby.", sang Lady RahRah, as the crowd before her stood up in applause. Bowing in her ghostly form, she floated off to the right side of the stage, where there was a conveniently placed piano. Floating before it, she called to the adoring crowd.

    "The next song that I shall be performing this evening is the Ledge of Glory. Here's the first time performing this, so get your claws up, and lets rock The Brewery!", she screamed, as her spectral voice began to echo through the emerald crystal halls of the ship. Slowly, she descended into the piano. As she dissapeared, the keys upon the phantasmal piano began to move, as her sweet musical melodies began to play.

    From within it, her voice was projected, as she continued singing her next Azerothian hit.

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    MacGriever sat at a corner table, relishing an Argus Ale and enduring the banshee screech of the outrageously dressed Lady RahRah on the stage. Recently he had been detained in Orgrimmar, but through judicial use of some newspaper, pallet straw and mug handles he disguised himself as a troll and slipped out through the portal to this neutral island.
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    Lara Craft walks in the inn and gonna sit at the bar, while she order a drink she watch around her and looks to the show of lady RahRah. while she take the drink she ordered she looks again around looking for the person she is gonna met here.

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