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    [Bio] Khemes the Spear of Orsis.

    Name: Khemes

    Age: Unknown(2500?), mortal since the Cataclysm

    Race: Orsis Tol'vir

    Gender: male

    Class: Warrior

    Personality: dutiful, stoic, honest, very serious most of the time doesn't have a huge sense of humor, a trait that is he shows rarely is his great curiosity.

    Likes:Preserving his people's history, teaching, inspiring others.

    Dislikes: Neferset, irresponsibility, sloppiness, impatience.

    Khemes is a relatively big Tol'vir with black fur. He carries a spear with two crescent moon blades one on each end as his main weapon. Two medallions have been embossed into the blades where they are joined into the shaft, a golden and a bronze one. He also carries two scimitars as backup weapons on his back. He usually wears a black and bronze Tol'vir armor accompanied by a jackal mask of equal making.

    Due to his prolonged stay in near absolute darkness he is very sensitive to sunlight, that is mainly why he wears his jackal mask. May be provoked easily when his pride is attacked.

    Extremely disciplined fighter, fair above average night vision, excellent knowledge of Titan and Tol'vir history.

    Khemes was born as the second son to the King of Orsis, shortly before the war of the Shifting Sands. The Tol'vir had not jet succumbed to the curse of Flesh and Orisis was one of the proud Tol'vir kingdoms. Khemes' older brother Atsu was schooled as a diplomat and ruler, and learned the many laws of courtship and all of their history and traditions. Khemes on the other hand would become the military leader of the Orsis tribe, so he spent his days out in the field, training and learning tactics. When the Tol'vir fought their war against the Aqir, their Father was wounded, and even his stoneform would eventually die. Khemes suggested a huge counter attack on the Aqir, while Atsu proposed a defensive approach for the sake of their people. The brothers started a huge argument in front of the whole Orsis court and when Atsu ordered Khemes to stand down due to the line of succession, Khemes had enough and stormed out into the night. When he returned in the morning he found out his brother has been murdered. Khemes was framed by the assassin, so many suspected an usurper or an Aqir agent behind the murder, but of course the evidence that was placed let the old King no other choice than to sentence Khemes to death.
    But seeing his second son being taken away from him, the King could not pass judgement. He had his son buried alive in the vast deserts of Uldum. To ease his verdict he let Khemes have the grave goods of a Orsis General. And much to his surprise of an orsis ruler. He was buried together with his brother's journals and librams and his own weapons and Armor.

    Shorty after the verdict had been conducted, the King died and Orsis was without a ruler and at the end of its glory. If not for the other Tribes the Tol'vir would not have been able to hold of the Aqir.

    Khemes of course never found out about this. He spent centuries studying the records of his brother. He read all of Atsu's writings concerning the Titan structures they were supposed to hold and about the history of his people. If they had been taught that together and Atsu would have taken lessons in the art of war, they could have ruled Orsis together. So Khemes came to the conclusion that neither of them was right and if they had listened to each other they could have led Orsis to new glory. But now the Second born prince spent what felt like an eternity , buried alive in the desert reveling in the mistakes of his past.

    That was until now about 2 millennia later, the storm that was supposed to burry orsis in the Eternal sands, unrevealed the tomb of their lost prince.
    Khemes grave was opened and when he was blinded by the daylight he immediately succumbed to the curse of flesh as his people did long ago. He wore his old Jackal Helemt to shield his eyes from the blinding light and ventured to Orsis.

    Khemes was sure of the fact that his line had died out, and that someone else would rule orsis and he was at peace with that. But when he saw the atrocities committed by the Neferset and what Al'akir did to his town he enlisted in the Ramkahen Army as an unknown soldier, to serve his people for one last glorious fight. When they stormed the neferset lines, Some of the Orsis survivors that joined the Rankahen remembered the Symbols of Khemes armor as the symbol of an old Orsis noble family. And what gave him completely away was the fact that he still knew the art of fighting with a dual bladed polearm, an art that was only practiced by Khemes' elite soldiers during the war of shifting sands, where they have been slaughterd in a brave last stand shorty after their leader's verdict.The fighting style of old legends and Khemes' bravery was what made the soldiers call him the Spear of Orsis.

    After the battle Khemes was offered a position as lieutenant under the Sword of Ramkahen. Khemes gladly accepted since it was the closest to the destiny he and his brother could have had. He swore to himself that he would fulfill his duty with the Strength he was bound to show for orsis but also with the wisdom his brother taught him. To reming him of this oath, he embossed the birth medal of his brother and his own on the blades of his dual bladed weapon. To the day he kept this legacy up, serving as Khemes, The Spear of Orsis.

    ((I wanted to try writing a Tol'vir Bio. comments appreciated as always))
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    very interseting read, I was tempted to write a tol'vir bio, but there doesnt seem to be much writing about on them that I've found =/

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    Takes more reading than I'd like to write one of these up.
    Never the less, excellent job mate. I enjoyed reading it. Very . . . different.
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