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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzen92 View Post
    Well, I thought I would make a random post. The title is pretty much self explanatory!!
    You could have based your character on anyone, from heroes in WoW, to people IRL! I for one based my Draenei entirely around the guy from the old spice adverts.
    Of off me. My characters are just extensions of myself =p
    I think this might fit better into the RP section.

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    From spartacus blood and sand

    Stewie: Can i have some pie?
    Brian: Err, sure
    Stewie: And hand me that Coolwhip
    Brian: Cool whip?
    Stewie: Coolwhip ya.

    You get it

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    Most people think i named my warrior after the giant wandering in zul'drak...thrym
    but i named him thrym even before i knew anything about northend

    Sorry for my english i'm from germany... greetingz

    Warrior Thrym - Durotan EU

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    Righto! Here goes!

    Arthidan (Human, Paladin) = Arthas and Illidan's illegitimate love child
    Keraptise (Worgen, Warlock) = Dungeons & Dragons - White Plume Mountain
    Berstuk (Night Elf, Hunter) = God of the Hunt, Scandinavian I think.
    Zues (Dwarf, Shaman) = I think you know xD
    Gummisqueek (Gnome, Priest) = Inspired by 2 players I game with on WoW, both of whom play nothing but gnomes and love them to bits. Gummignome and Deathsqueek <3
    Zalda (Gnome, Warrior) = Copied from a gnome warrior I use to play with on another server. Seeing her tank Illidan with that tiny sword and shield... so fucking funny! XD
    Frostpelt (Worgen, Death Knight) = Err... Frost = Death Knight / Pelt = Worgen. xDD Just sounded cool.
    ●█︻███▄▄▄︻︻︻═══┻ ...PEW......PEW....PEW

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    Lewo from the old lego bionicle toys my favorite was lewa xD

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    Deedlit the high elven shaman from Record of Lodoss War

    My dwar warris Ghim from the same series

    My pally/shammies named Apolonius Apalonius of Aquarion

    Wodinsday my hunter as well as wodin are based off of odin wodin is one of his names

    hern/herun is hern the hunter

    Xelgadis the character from slayers of the same name

    Kyohei my pally is named after a charactr of the same name from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge AKA the Wallflower. He's one of the bishies nicknamed "Creatureof the light" by the main character so it works for a space goat pally.

    One of my BE pallies is anmed Kagurazaka in reference to Asuna Kagurazaka from Negima

    Another BE pally is named asch in reference to tales of the abyss

    Niwa my rogue is a D.N. Angel reference

    Qutok my worgen DKs is a reference to the book series called The Soverign Stone Trilogy. Wanted to name him Vrykyl but was taken so was dagnarius and gareth sadly all of them are related to the Void in that series with Vrykyl basically being DKs and Gareth being a vid mage and Dagnarius the creator of the Vrykul using an ancient item. So i went with Qutok who is a Vrykyl from a bestial race thus why i named my worgen one after him.

    Susanowo my dwarf pally is a reference to the japanese god Susaonoo apparently susanowo is an alternate spelling.

    Eclare is a reference to a character with that name from the anime Kiddy Grade.

    Tekkamnblade my worgen warrior is a reference to well Tekkaman Blade AKA Teknoman.

    Masaki my worgen hunter is a reference to Tenchi Muyo and i'm gonna name all his pets after tenchis women from his harem.

    Sleid/Sleyd are mages that are a reference to the mage Sleyd from Record of Lodoss War

    Ryokoh my NE mage is a reference to Tenchi Muyo as well.

    Chuckwood one of my rogues is a reference to Wodchuck again from Record of Lodoss War

    And that's about it for my toon with references aside from joke names like Threatlvred made YEARS ago.

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    My latest addition to my list of characters is Deebo.

    He's loosley based on Dwight Howard. I say loosley, because Dwight is 6'11, whereas Deebo is a Dorf. Humans though, pffft.

    What's the deal with only being able to choose dirty Dwarfs as well? I want a black Dwarf man!

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    Just a random tauren druid

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    Take a guess
    also my spriest is named Rukia from Bleach

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    The innkeeper at Dragonmaw Port

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    Not exactly based on, but just named after a pokemans.

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    Shambulanced (Draenei Shammy) would be kinda like a skinnier Queen Latifah, I guess. LOL.

    Elegies (DK) is my own creation, not based on any inspiration.

    Knyves (my belf rogue) has a personality based off of Sir Auron from FFX.

    Sir Phetus of Gnomeregan (Gnome Warrior) is based off Sir Didymus from Labyrinth:

    Thank you Beasty-Beauty for the awesome signature!

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    Zant from the Zelda games. Figures it was taken so I changed it to "Zait" (x

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    named my rogue after shinji hirako from Bleach, and Beansprout from D grey man AKA Allen Walker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lechies View Post
    Pent and Wil were my favourites :>
    I can respect that :P

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    Throthgar, Dwarf Paladin. Based on Hrothgar, the Dwarf King from Eragon. I read those books about a year before playing Wow and loved them to bits.
    Kita, Human mage. Based on Tikka from the Dragonlance books. Tikka was taken, as were many other variations, and that was just an anagram I like the sound of. Apparently it means "dick" in some other language which is irritating. I'd change it if the service didn't cost an exorbitant amount.
    Reyana is my hunter, I sat for ages trying to think up a name that sounded elven and liked the sound of that. Apparently it's actually a real name which is annoying, but ah well. The rest of my female characters have some variation of "ana" on the end because I like the sound, so though Reyana is't really based off anything, my other characters are based off her.
    Yes I know Renagade is spelt wrong, I have use this name since I was about 5 and stuck with it ^_^
    Protection paladin, survival hunter, and fire mage since vanilla. Avid Mount, pet, and Interesting Trinket collector.
    If you have any questions or require any help with the forums, have a complaint or need a moderator to take action in the PvP forums or General discussion please PM me and I'll do my best to help =>

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    Nightkrawler be the name, backstabbing is the game. I heard it a few years back and thought it sounded cool. Maybe from that guy in X-Men.

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    My Dwarf warrior's name is Gillius. Gilius is the dwarf warrior from Golden Axe, and he's a badass

    My Dwarf hunter's name is Nchufet, which came to me one day after playing Morrowind. There's a Dwemer (dwarf!) ruin called Nchuleft, so I just removed the L and mixed up the letters.

    My Blood elf mage's name is Tempeh, which is a tofu like food. And I like it :3

    My Troll Shaman's name is Krsone, the legendary MC.
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    Evilholyguy - Old, old, old runescape name I used. I've been using it in every single game since then. Made the character in RS so I could play with a friend, I wanted a semi-original name that didn't contain Xx[name]xX or 10 numbers, so I eventually wound up with "EvilHolyGuy". Every single day I got 10 people asking me how I could be evil and holy at the same time...

    I still get asked the same question day after day in WoW. Kinda fun, usually starts a few laughs.

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    My inner self, or a part of my personality.

    Seem with my alts I put a bit of my self in to most of them.
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