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    An entire fight with him just stuck in there doesn't seem too likely. If anything i'd say the model would probably just change mid fight from an in lava one to a legged version. I genuinely thought when i saw the Ragnaros leg model then the fireland preview that Blizzard would probably be trying that anyway. But again no way to no for definite till someone experences fight
    Blizzard has already confirmed that he will be stepping out of the lava and walking around at some point during the heroic version of the fight, and only the heroic.

    Priest set looks great, best since t6 imo, but what is it with blizz and putting chingards on priest tiers... weird.
    "It is like they have two devs changing shit in some kind of a war. "Fuck mages" "No fuck you!" and every few weeks they get into arguments and secretly change the notes and hope the other guy doesn't notice." ~Strakha

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    zapdos, i choose you!

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