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    What do you think of priest tier 12?

    So what do you think of priest tier 11 I personally think it looks awsome on undead and thats about it

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    Without the helmet, the set looks nice.
    Ranking the different color schemes, blue is the best, followed by green and last the orange one (from the preview).

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    Do not want toilet bowl helmet. What is it with blizz and making ridiculous helms lately?

    I like the blue one too, the other two are meh. But that's because imo blue colors go great with priests.
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    First we had toilet bowls on our shoulders, now we have to put our head in one. Blizz certainly has a nice theme going here.
    Explains why Cataclysm priest sets...
    ...look like sh*t.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaesebrezen View Post
    Without the helmet, the set looks nice.
    Ranking the different color schemes, blue is the best, followed by green and last the orange one (from the preview).
    I believe my answer was stolen.

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    I'm really not very impressed with it overall, although the blue one appealed to me. The shoulders and helm especially look really awkward on a lot of different races.

    Fortunately for me I guess, my priest is just an alt so I probably won't even get this.

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    Very very good. Helm is OK, but you can choose not to show it, you know.

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    Looks alright.
    Luckily I can disable helm graphics.

    Warlock and mage helms don't look much better so if I pick up a throughput helm I'll probably still have helm graphics off.

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    By far one of the best looking sets for undead priest, i'm loving it.

    I normally like to have my chars head showing, so this is the first helm in ages that i'll be able to show and it looks great with the shoulders.

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    I can't wait till t13 when we get a fridge on our chests so we can be an all in one appliance center. (Toilet helm/Sink shoulders)

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    I still feel like T12 looks to much like a Mage set. I'd rather have the brown T12 Paladin set as priest set. That one would fit our class more IMO.

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    Booring! Seriously, after T6 it seems like Blizz thought that spending time on making the tier sets unique and cool for all classes is a waste of time - so they give everyone roughly the same looking set but change some colors and minor details. I mean we have not seen any cool design like the warlock T6 or the priest T5 in a very very long time.

    Gief back the T5 epic looks <3

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    It just looks like a dungeon set... not tier set. Its just missing some flair... boring.

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    Space marine, woohoo! The collar is ridiculous...but hey, at least it doesn't look like a rotten tree stump. Shaman/paladin looks great, the rest is just typical generic meh.

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    I quite like it on male Dwarfs, but its akward on several races. And bland/boring

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    As a shaman player, i'm a little bit jealous :-D

    Looks great, I like it!

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    The Female Tauren looks like a dog collar lol..

    I'm curious to see how it looks on a BE - it definitely looks the worst on a Human though.
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    I'm actually pretty fond of it, but it makes me think of Ulduar for some reason(?) and no I can't really figure why. I know orange is gonna be the tier set, but I really prefer the yellowish color scheme

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    My thought when I saw them was "Meh......" :\

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    It's not T6 or T5 but better than expected.
    Once again the undeniable truth is: everything looks stupidon human male model.
    I'm glad it looks better on the other models.

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