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    How to dps multiple targets

    Hey guys I need to ask your opinion on this:

    We all know to multidot as many as targets as possible for better dps. However, how many targets do you think will cap your dps? Hitting dummies does not quite answer this question as no fight is immobile. In raids, a shadow priest needs to find the balance between moving and maintaining dots on targets as well as the empowered shadow buff. Dotting too many targets will more likely result in dot dropping and mana draining, and of course we trade casting time for MB with orbs and MF to generate the orbs.

    So, to make the question simple, taking both dps and sustainabililty into consideration. how many targets do you think we should dot for a fight with 20% movement? How many for fights above 50%?

    To make it even more specific, what is your dotting strategy for 25man heroic Cho'gall? Do you dot up both adds? Do you dot up elementals or just MS them (dot them does give us more dps as the dots will keep ticking after the elementals are down to 1HP but the extra dps is useless to the raid)? Do you dot the tenacles (and how many) in P2 or just MS (mind spike if single or mind sear if a few are clustered) them?

    Please report your dps with the strategy you take. Thanks.
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    I cant comment on the raid question since I've done no Cata raids. But, in a pull of say...5 mobs. I'll DoT 3 of them and spam Mind Sear. That'll usually put me around 17k

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    anything more than 3 is a waste to dot if u got an orb ready. if not sw pain on 3 or so mobs, mb once u get an orb and spam mindsear on the tank.

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