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    * Sin and Punishment’s Vampiric Touch backlash Fear effect no longer has diminishing returns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phibi View Post
    does sitting on the balcony with a laptop count?
    if not i still don't care, obese addicted casual.

    if you can't beat a boss -> become better
    if you can't become better -> deal with it, pussy.
    No need, it will get nerfed in time. Meanwhile you can rage all you want, doesn't change anything.

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    W/e if they are nerfing t11? Nobody will be running it anyway. Or...

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    The 20% nerfs to old content are inevitable.

    Reversion of the two mage nerfs for diminishing returns is stupid.
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    Spellsteal mana cost has been increased 100%.
    What the hell man?!?

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    WTF and fire mage nerfs??? fire mages already are getting hard spot in raids with this nerf or they will go all lolarcane or will quit wow.

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    It's really hard to belive...Looks like a 1th April Joke!

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    O M G the ultimate Nerf overkill

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    I dont mind the nerfs really, just annoying that me and my team had to work hard to get where we are, and now people can basicly pug whole cata raids..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gawwad View Post
    No need, it will get nerfed in time. Meanwhile you can rage all you want, doesn't change anything.
    not even playing anymore. just flaming bad players like you.
    u wanna know what REALLY makes me rage? looks like rain and i wanted to make a BBQ...damn!

    nerfs in PvE destroy the game.
    why should a cataclysm-casual even TRY to be a better player when he can just sit back and wait for the nerf and still get his welfare epics?
    this is just dumb and once you finally managed to not play 12h a day, you will realize that i'm right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knails View Post
    I understand that Blizzard nerfs content over time, but this is complete overkill on nerfs - Not only is this trivializing every encounter, but it's making it a freaking joke. The current content as it stands isn't even difficult. On it's first arrival - Yes it was , but not now.
    You just pointed out the point of this nerf... It was difficul on arrival, but it has no sense now, since a new Raid is coming. And these changes apply once Firelands comes. (That means with Patch 4.2 .) Please think before you post...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephid View Post
    Well what would you call a 20% damage/health nerf of all encounters if not catering to casuals?
    So what? Still got heroic modes yeah? Firelands will also be out by then, something new to bang your head against.
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    Yeah, T11 will be old content (as much of it already is for current raiders) when this hits, so it doesn't affect progression raiding guilds at all (and actually a progression raiding guild with brains likes these kinds of changes, because if they need to get a character up to speed fast {say to fill in a spot} they can quickly run him/her through a single night or two of T11 and gear them out; making them at least able to perform in Firelands.)

    I'm surprised no one has made comment on the Tanking changes; before Cata they were going to have Druids still keep using "tank" items; but with the change to STR and now on the flip side, Plate tanks getting little benefit from Agility; you can tell they are really separating the two from each other. As a Bear, I love it

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    You people must be blind , the changes to T11 bosses are gonna go in at the same time as T12 ( Firelands ) comes out. Before that happens nothing's changed.

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    I started playing back last week after stopping in january, i kinda wanted to do these fights in their original state..... Arrrg

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    Grats ba... errr... "casuals"... your easy mode is up!

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    Did April Fools come late?

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    gief moar nerfs!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111

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