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    Perhaps their goal is to make Tier 11 raids more alt accessible while mains raid T12. It will also increase trade channel pug activity on lower population servers, so people not in raiding guilds will finally have some access to raids.

    I think the nerfs are a little overkill, but as long as T12 isn't a complete joke then I don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phibi View Post
    does sitting on the balcony with a laptop count?
    if not i still don't care, obese addicted casual.

    if you can't beat a boss -> become better
    if you can't become better -> deal with it, pussy.
    Hahahaha dont act tough dude, everyone knows your muscles have atrophied... well not your right forearm.

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    Sinestra seems to be untouched or am I overreading?

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    i didn't expect them to nerf previous tiers so much so early but hey ho, most of us here will probably be raiding Firelands anyway so who cares.

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    They have been doing this kind of nerfs since BC, and people still QQ about it?
    Better those nerfs than the 30% buff i guess? Opinions, everybody got their own, and nobody cares.

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    Wait, the nerfs are news? They said it on the Firelands interviews, that they were planning to nerf the current tier without using a ICC buff.

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    ROFL HAHAHAH if guilds cant clear this after this quit the game.

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    Or you know, that raid tier is now trivial, so why keep it the same?

    Also agree with Shadowkras, this has been happening since vanilla. Why are you people surprised by it?

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    I hope this is some kind of late April Fools. I mean WTF? Are we going back to WOTLK again? This is INSANELY RIDICULOUS blizzard....

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    Now I can pug and raid on an alt outside the guild's alt run!


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    Quote Originally Posted by trunkrollah View Post
    wow why all the t11 raids nerfed hard? the content will already be a joke with t12 gear
    Since people won't do it for more than getting gear for raids. And probaly to make it easier for pugs. I guess Blizzard wants most pugs to be a tier behind or something.

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    What is this? I don't even... They've... Nerfed EVERYTHING so much! What's gone wrong i ask?

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    Restoration druid Tier 11 2-Piece: This set bonus has been redesigned to work with the new Restoration druid mastery. Druids with this bonus now receive the bonus to Spirit while the Harmony mastery bonus to periodic healing is active.
    Pretty sure that's supposed to be 4 piece bonus instead of 2 piece, a Resto druids 2 piece bonus is just a straight crit bonus that's always up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phibi View Post
    not even playing anymore. just flaming bad players like you.
    u wanna know what REALLY makes me rage? looks like rain and i wanted to make a BBQ...damn!

    nerfs in PvE destroy the game.
    why should a cataclysm-casual even TRY to be a better player when he can just sit back and wait for the nerf and still get his welfare epics?
    this is just dumb and once you finally managed to not play 12h a day, you will realize that i'm right
    You know what REALLY makes me rage? Things that actually matter in the world.

    This is a video game. Grow the hell up.

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    Woah haha. Easy-Mode Activated!

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    Unless they do this to firelands too, this will not affect anyone's gameplay who strives to beat current content. Seeing as this comes in 4.2, we won't even need these changes, unless we're running alt raids while we kill Firelands on mains.

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    Uh someone can explain me this?
    Protection (Paladin)

    Guardian of Ancient Kings now uses the ‘Assist’ pet stance functionality.

    Assist? On protection guardian? Mistake or i missed something?

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    lol, looks like blizzard making sure all current content gonna be facerolled by pugs in 4.2 .... =/

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    on the next patch notes:

    BWD final boss is now called Nerfarian

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