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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeo View Post
    un-needed nerfs to outdated content. joy.
    In which ways this affects your enjoyment of the game?

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    It's 4.2 PTR. It's not released BEFORE the Firelands, it's released at the same time.
    It's not "we nerf it so people can clear it before the firelands" it is "okay, we're done with this tier, the real challenge is Ragnaros now guys !"

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    The nerfs are nothing more than a 20% version of the ICC buff - only without the buff.

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    Mechagnome Knails's Avatar
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    I understand that Blizzard nerfs content over time, but this is complete overkill on nerfs - Not only is this trivializing every encounter, but it's making it a freaking joke. The current content as it stands isn't even difficult. On it's first arrival - Yes it was , but not now.

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    ROFL , Tier 11 just got destroyed

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    Im surprised they actually didnt release this in a small patch or hotfix or whatever a few weeks before 4.2 so that guilds could "see/kill content" before Firelands came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trunkrollah View Post
    wow why all the t11 raids nerfed hard? the content will already be a joke with t12 gear
    I hear you get T12 gear before you get T11 gear ... oh wait ...
    It's just normal mode nerfs for the mouth breathers that can't clear it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knails View Post
    I understand that Blizzard nerfs content over time, but this is complete overkill on nerfs - Not only is this trivializing every encounter, but it's making it a freaking joke. The current content as it stands isn't even difficult. On it's first arrival - Yes it was , but not now.
    Because you have all the gear from the raids? Are you a bit daft?

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    Massive shitstorm incoming very very quickly. Mainly from people who cannot apply logic.

    They are nerfing T11 content for the people who had trouble getting anywhere on either normal or heroic. As hard to understand as it is, there really are guilds who have trouble with the current content.

    For the people that did clear the current content, well, this should not even be bothering them since the all new T12 content will occupy them then.
    So think twice before going bananas over these changes.

    Ps: sorry for any typo's, a woman is behind the wheel of the bus im sitting in.
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    Hooray I'll see content!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemonwire View Post
    why worry about T11 when the most of are going to do the fireraids? They just move the Tier to 1 step above so the minimum ilvl will be equal to T12 start.
    This. Who the hell is really gonna do T11 after 4.2 is released? Bads and alts. Why should us raiders care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombikilla View Post
    2) Inc QQ from wanna be elitists claiming these nerfs show how the game caters to casuals blah blah blah
    Well what would you call a 20% damage/health nerf of all encounters if not catering to casuals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilk View Post
    Why the nerfs to T11 when T12 is coming out? Is this because of the legendary quest line requirement?
    As it seems, they want people to be able to solo current raids, so that they meet the requirements for the quest chain (Al'Akir, Nefarian and Cho'gall normal mode down).

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    Haha @ all the qqing, come on, who cares if they nerf old content when new content goes live? the ppl that it will affect will be in fireland then.

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    Yay I can spam spellsteal again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocainetruck View Post
    Yay I can spam spellsteal again
    have fun with having no mana
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    lol, Why do people act like this is a surprise? They always nerf the old content when the new content comes out. Duh. That gets double usage out of the content. Those with determination and drive blow through the new content while those who fall behind experience a lite version of the old content. You COULD wait the 8-9 months to play the lite/nerfed version IF YOU CHOOSE, but you didn't. You played it when it was new, challenging, and fresh. It is no longer fresh or new, naturally the challenge departs for you as well. It's content you're sick of. And even if you aren't sick of the content, this will make it easier for you to clear it being that most of the driven people will be in the new content. It's win-win. You can't POSSIBLY find a way to complain about it unless you are just dead set on complaining about something.

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    Retards. I'm sure you guys who're saying OMGWTFNOOBSIHAETBLIZXERD have clear 13/13Heroic and all have your glory drakes. Give some other players a chance to experience some good fights regardless if they're old content or new and get that 13/13 you guys all have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gawwad View Post
    Get out more.
    does sitting on the balcony with a laptop count?
    if not i still don't care, obese addicted casual.

    if you can't beat a boss -> become better
    if you can't become better -> deal with it, pussy.

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    WTF........... ?? Shame on you blizz...

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