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    Which Type of Martial arts would suit me?

    Hey guys

    I've tried out Jiu Jitsu and Karate over the past Year, but neither of them really fascinated me. Yes, I know, I've only been there like three times, but I got bored very quickly.
    So here's my question: What kind of martial Arts could I start picking up?

    To me:
    I'm 20 year old
    I work out ~3x 2h per week, so I have a basic fitness and strength of some sort

    I would prefer a fast-paced, fun martial art that also involves striking and especially striking techniques, but also tricky moves like you see them in Judo.
    Does something like that exist?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    By the way, just so it has been said, I do NOT plan on roughing up anyone outside a competition or training.

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    taek wondo? or what it's called.

    myself doing karaté and i don't find it boring tho the better your belt , the more you need to practice and the harder it gets.

    i'll look into more ma sports that couldsuit you besides taek wondo, if i could just find my paper with all the ma sports that exist on it

    edit: try mixed martial arts

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    Is MMA not very rough, much like boxing?

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    1. Pay for Kung-Fu
    2. L2Kung-fu
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    4. Go out on town and start a fight.
    5. Put on everybody was Kung-fu fighting
    6. ???
    7. Profit

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    LOL Nerd.

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    Fast-paced, fun martial art... Let's see, which martial art's does that not cover...

    Basicly, a lot of martial arts can be fast-paced and fun, it in some cases depends on what "spec" you choose to go for within the different genres of martial arts.

    For me, I'm training Tae Kwon Do and I love it. It's fun, technical (in a club that focus very hard on technic) and if I want more of a fast paced thing, I can join the session where they do more combat/fighting.

    I will however say this, in the start you will not experience the true nature of the martial art, you have to start and 0 and work your way up from there. You can compare it to leveling up a new character in game. The true powers of that character will only come when you reach the level cap on that character.
    When you start with martial art, you need to focus on the basics and that can be boring like h***. But stick with it, check out what the master classes are doing and take it from there.

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    In my opinion, Muy Thai sounds right up your alley.
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    I would say start with something like mixed martial arts, and then from there you can discover more specifically what you are good at and specialise in a particular martial art.

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    I would not say tae kwon do, that is mostly about kicks, in my 3 years of training I think we have praticed punches maybe 2 times. I dont know if there are more in more traditional training as I mainly did olympic style tae kwon do. Competitions are great won though.

    Yes it sounds like you need something where you dont have to bother with the more traditional things, MMA, muy thai, kick boxing would probably suit you

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    You say you have been trying jiu jitsu.....but what kind of jiu jitsu?
    There are many schools of jiu jitsu, all from brazilian jiu jitsu (witch is based on actual street fighting) to jiu jitsu styles that focus on protecting your self without harming the other person.
    Jiu jitsu takes long time to be good at and see real progress.
    If you want fast progress and high pace i would recommend boxing, thai-boxing or maybe krav maga.
    MMA is the most versatile since it has got wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing, thai all wrapped inte one.

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    Go for Wing Tsun. It's a type of kung fu.

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    I would say Muay Thai as well. It's a lot of stikes and is pretty rewarding if you stay at it.

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    On second a second note, Karate sounds quite interesting from what I've read. But as I take it, I'd also have to learn a lot of karate-philosophy so to speak? Many say it's a way of life... Sounds great to me, but can somebody who does karate explain to me how much of it actually is spiritual learning and how much is fighting techniques? And, how long does it take approximately for one to get to a point where it gets fun and over all the basics?

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    Stopped learning karate 15 years ago, but I still remember all the moves, katas etc.
    There is absolutely no martial art, which will provide you with immediate fun and such from the very start. So choose one and work on it, you'll like it in no time.

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    I guess you got a point there. So I'll choose between muay thai, karate and MMA, Taekwondo somehow doesn't appeal to me. Thanks for all your answers, if you have more, just tell me

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    Wing Chun
    Jeet Kune Do

    Both arts focus on blending offense and defense into a single move. Close Quarters combat, most often inside the reach of your opponent. Wing Chun the base art is where Bruce Lee derived his own art of Jeet Kune Do. Both focus on a center-line in which to support your own balance and a central line of striking to provide the most force possible behind your strikes.

    Muay Thai/ Tai's Fist also mention is also a good choice, intent is to defeat your opponent quickly to avoid injury.

    Hapkido A Korean martial art that is strong on joint manipulation and striking. Very interesting art as well.

    I have studied martial arts for much of my life, and these i recommend to try. I personally say Wing Chun.
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    Sounds like you're a bit impatient actually and prefers to skip over the learning and instead just want to get on with the fun parts. You gotta walk before you can run.

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    MMA - simply put, you need to be able to strike and shoot so it has every element and the least boundaries.
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    Rather than ask opinions, read through the Martial arts FAQ (link here). Read through the descriptions and create a short list of maybe half a dozen that sound appealing. Then find out which have clubs in your area, and go try them out / have a look. Then decide for yourself which you like the look of most.

    I did Judo as a teenager, and Karate in my mid-20s. Neither was a good fit for me. After doing the above I discovered Wing Chun, which suits me very well.

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    Hapkido sounds about right for you, the only thing i think might be less enjoyable is that most korean martial arts (including Taekwon-Do) is that they have strict procedures and spirituality.

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    This video is the best martial arts anyone can learn.

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