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    I train/have trained Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, Karate, BJJ, and a touch of wrestling, to a reasonable degree.

    The reason I am good is because I continue to train, I continue to train because I love it.

    Any 'martial-art' will be what you described, depending on who/how they teach it. Any art can be completely fucked if the teacher is wrong.

    Go try as many local places as you can, karate, Muay Thai, does not matter, and just find a class you enjoy (go at least 3 times each place, most have a 1 week free, or something similar)

    Forget any other bullshit in this thread, it completely depends on the teacher, and your attitude. If those two don't fit, you'll never be good.

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    I think a little bit of self knowledge in reading goes a long way, I mean I just gave some good examples...

    Yellow bamboo isn't even a martial art, you can practice that shit for the next 100yrs and you will NEVER shoot energy out of your hands like some super saiyan thing matter how good your teacher is and how good your attitude is....
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    Kick boxing is fast paced and fun.

    if you are looking for a hybrid fighting style to works in lots of striking and judo esque elements, try

    Aikido is the martial art Steven Seagal uses in his movies.

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    I train 5 nights a week, roughly 2 and half hours each night, as well as help from time to time teach,

    I do Tradional wado-ryu, it does require patience, technique and skill, but it does have a fast pace fight wise (tourment) how ever the full contact or head contact you might be intrested in is somewhat restricted, which is fustrating

    Our sister style which is slighty more aggresive is Shotokan I belive its spelt, very similar in ways, and very different in other ways.

    I;ve just noticed your question in your 2nd post, Karate which is wado-ryu normally, isnt as much "spiritual" as you might think but like I said it is a lot of dedication required, our sensei could easily pick up any of our basic kata, and spend weeks on end lecturing on one move, You can ask any high dan grade sensei how long it took them to learn pinan godan, and all of them will say, they are still learning it, for example. another example would Nai-hanchi it takes 9 years to learn the kata propally, but you can never master it in a single life time is the saying.

    but yea if your looking for a fast paced one, fitness at teh same time, I would see if there is a local karate world near where you live, they do a bit of mma, wado and their own style which is something like mar or mra im not to sure off hand if some one to correct me there,

    erm what else, oh yea, Taekwando is defintly a aggresive full contact sport, however it does require a fair amount of flexability and light foot-ness so to speak,

    hm thats all I can really think off atm

    theres also mishikran, not sure how its spelt to be exact, have one friend that does it, normally its a three hours session, 1 hour fitness 1 hour training 1 hour silent mediation but I don't think you'd stick it because of the meditation from what youve said already

    p.s. just re read your post again and saw the bit, ive only been three times, I dont think you could expect to do anything worthwhile in such short time, we have our new members do the same four basics techniques, 2 punchs 2 blocks for a good few sessions before they even move onto steping and punching at the same time, some amount of paitence is needed with all styles, if you dont have it I wouldnt recommened you wasting your own time hunting for a new style/club
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    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    Thanks for all the kind answers!

    I think I'm going to try out Karate some more.

    By the way, I don't think I don't have the patience to learn it, I started this thread just so I'd have a mere overview over what kind of sports there are out there!

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    Jeet Kune Do

    Why? In Short: Because it incorporates multiple Martial Arts and takes out the most effective parts.

    Long version:
    I started with Wing Chun, which is a very effective and fast "soft" close-distance Kung Fu Style. Soft typically means that you do not block Attacks with pure strengh, you redirect them (so you don't get hit) and use the impulse for the additional strength of your counter-attack. Hence, I personally prefer soft styles. The cain-punches are very fast und funny.

    However, we did quite rough sparring and I learned very fast, who of my partners is familiar with the half-distance, because they always hit me at half-distance, before I even got into close-combat. My nose still hurts when I think about it.

    Hence, I started with JKD, because for close-combat it also uses the most effective parts from Wing Chung. Furthermore, it teaches you half-distance and also kick-distance, with techniques from kick-boxing, thai-boxing and others. There is not "our martial art is the best" in JKD. It is more "if the technique is effective, it doesn't matter where its from".

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    Hey guys

    I've tried out Jiu Jitsu and Karate over the past Year, but neither of them really fascinated me. Yes, I know, I've only been there like three times, but I got bored very quickly.
    So here's my question: What kind of martial Arts could I start picking up?

    To me:
    I'm 20 year old
    I work out ~3x 2h per week, so I have a basic fitness and strength of some sort

    I would prefer a fast-paced, fun martial art that also involves striking and especially striking techniques, but also tricky moves like you see them in Judo.
    Does something like that exist?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    By the way, just so it has been said, I do NOT plan on roughing up anyone outside a competition or training.
    I think you need to investigate and visit the dojos around you. Asking hear won't help you any more than walking onto a crowded elevator and asking the same question. Everyone has his own personal likes and dislikes so until you see a Master in action will you have the right desire do study.

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    I cast my vote for Krav Maga.

    Incredibly effective at neutralizing. Brutal. Quick.
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    Krav for total and utter destruction.

    *just realized your age*

    You may still have too much test flowing for Krav. You young bucks will kill someone at a party and not even know it.

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    Non-Tournament (or Sport) Tae Kwon Do. Fast paced, tricky and a hell of a lot of fun.
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    The question is: why do you want to learn martial arts?

    Dont get me wrong, but a martial art isnt something that you learn in 6 months. It will take years to even get the hang of it.

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    brazillian jiujitsu and MMA (big differences between bjj and japanese ju jutsu variant)

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    ANY ART - you'll do exceptionally well 1v1 and even if you gete mobbed and in closed quarters you'll still do well.

    SO LONG AS you apply yourself and put in the effort, if a bloke that practices 'Drunken Panda Yellow Leaf Deathwing of the south northern system of the weng fui system...' but if he practices the art with all his heart and knowledge his effort with everything he has!

    he could beat a 10th degree black belt in '1 touch death' if the 10th dan black belt didn't train as hard or with as much effort as the other practitioner.

    in the end like I said above it all comes down to what YOU YOURSELF put in!


    That being said.....there are some arts that are just PURE BULLSHIT! do a little reading about "Yellow Bamboo" haha.... its a good read should make you laugh a bit there was a (self proclaimed) MASTER OF THE DEADLY ART YELLOW BAMBOO! and this "MASTER" put up a tournament for other martial artists to enter, his first figth was against an asian man I think he was a shootfighter (shootfighting is similar to wrestling) anyway....

    Fight starts Shootfighter sends in a punch lands it on the MASTER OF YELLOW BAMBOO, the 'master' wobbles a bit then regains his composure only for the shootfighter to yet again throw in another punch but this time it was too much for the master and he submitted verbally due to 2 strikes in less then 20secs.....

    here's the best part (remmber that was the 1st fight) the MASTER OF YELLOW BAMBOO was one of those "my art is the best and Im going to show you why" kinda guys, he STUPIDLY made an award of $5000 to the victor of the tournament. He assumed that he would just pocket his money back...20secs later he is out $5k.

    go to youtube site and add this to the end of .com


    sorry I can't embed the link yet, I haven't posted enough on MMO (apparently I need 10 to add link)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold21 View Post
    The question is: why do you want to learn martial arts?

    Dont get me wrong, but a martial art isnt something that you learn in 6 months. It will take years to even get the hang of it.
    Quoted for truth...

    MA is not for everyone, you gotta want to do it and want to turn up to practice and getting your arse handed down to you by more experience practitioner
    I get sub all the time in my BJJ free rolling class, but it's so humbling and makes me want to improve

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