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    What game are you guys talking about?

    Say you're sitting in your Cafe at school with your friend and someone that you two both know comes up to you and asks what game you guys are talking about?

    The friend doesn't have any idea you two both play WoW and you're both closet players(You literally only keep it between you two that you play wow), what game would YOU say you're talking about? For me I'd personally say CoD because well who doesn't like CoD?

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    WoW? Then again it isn't taboo here.
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    i know it always bothers me why they are like that

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    I'd just say WoW because it's not something to be ashamed of.

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    You'd be surprised how many people play WoW "in the closet".... just answer WoW and be surprised :P

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    "What game do you think? Mind your own business."

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    meh, i allways say i play it if someone asks. i don't go around announcing it to everyone but if someone wants to know, why not? Being a closet wow player means that the people around you have the typical image of the no life gamer in mind, which is total bullplop in many cases.
    i found just explaining what you find so appealing about wow makes people a lot more understanding.

    edit: also what meroko said, the moment i started openly talking about wow to my friends, i discovered there were a bunch of ppl i knew who also played it

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    Bloodline champions and The Secret World + GW2

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    Just saying WoW, some people might start laughingbut when you send them a game invite they're dinging 85 within 1,5 month. Made about 6 friends play WoW too.

    I can imagine some people feel 'ashamed' to say they play WoW, same as with Runescape, no one will start a conversation with ' I play Runescape, you know how cool it is?' But when you start about Full Rune equipment everyone knows what you're talking about.

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    Punch him in the face and continue talking, duh.

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    I talk about whatever game happens to come up on the table, me and my friends are for the most part gamer nerds so we discuss everything from Tetris to upcoming games such as Rage, Deus Ex etc.

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    Umm.....I'd say Wow, what's the worst that happens? They call me a geek?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusades View Post
    For me I'd personally say CoD because well who doesn't like CoD?
    I would be more ashamed saying CoD to be honest.

    I'd just say I play WoW, since its nothing to be ashamed of. What you use your freetime on is NOT to be dictated by other peoples standards. If they have a problem with it, they're certainly not worth my time.
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    When i was playing WoW i never had an issue with someone when i told them i played WoW, i did live in a town with about 1500 people but still, i even have i think 2 WoW tshirts that i dont wear anymore. There was even a decent looking girl who worked at the coffee shop there that wore an alliance tshirt often, i find it very strange why you would have to hide a hobby that you like.

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    I'm not a closet player, but on the other hand I rarely go around talking about any games. Most of my friends simply don't share my pasion, which is fine by my, they can spent their monday night watching some stupid show on the TV, while I'm killing dragons and getting cool swords.

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    Uhm... I would say WoW. I don't see a problem with it or a reason to hide it, at all... And what happens if they play the game you lied about playing and start talking to you about it? Then you have a whole other issue on your hands. Lying about playing WoW is kind of silly, imo. The world isn't going to end if people find out you play, unless it's like your boss or something.

    And who knows, if you don't lie about it maybe you'll find someone who plays and could be a really fun person to play with.

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    Hello Kitty Online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AverageJoe42 View Post
    Hello Kitty Online.
    OT: I lol'd hard at your sig, you should also add it has a 1% chance to also not remove other invulnerabilities.

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    I say Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, Team fortress 2 and portal 2. I think it gives the kind of idea of the kind of guy i am. Nothing is very defined in my case, i play games that are enjoyable and that are well made. Stepping aside any critics.

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    When you start playing WoW, either one of these things happens :

    1-They are elitist players who will think you are bad.

    2-They are clever noobs that knows some things, but fails to see that on the Northrend loading screen, its Bolval and not Arthas on fire.
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    The guessin game, wich girl has the shortest skirt

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