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    If you could combine ANY 2 spells form the game to form a new spell.

    What would they be? Serious ideas and generally funny ones are all welcome.
    Couple off the top of my head
    Mind control and tame beast to force people to be my pets.
    Mass dispell and polymorph for a mass polymorph.
    Death grip and multi-shot for multigrip
    Have group will travel (guild spell) and leap of faith. Just to grip people from across the map.

    List you're ideas and the one that makes me laugh the most gets an imaginary cookie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capslocked View Post
    Cat form and auto attack.
    Auto attack in cat form.
    Not sure you got the gist of the thread. Doesnt auto attack in cat form exist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roshie View Post
    Mass dispell and polymorph for a mass polymorph.
    That's called Ring of Frost. :P
    It'd be awesome to have Hammer of the Righteous that could Thunderclap. AoE tanking would be amazing, especially if we can take all the talents like Vindication and Blood and Thunder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roshie View Post
    Not sure you got the gist of the thread. Doesnt auto attack in cat form exist?
    Yes. But I like my way better.
    In all seriousness, thunder clap combined with heroic through. I just think it'd make tanking more pretty looking.

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    I would want Defile and that other Spell that the first boss does in BRC for like a boss mechanic spell
    and for a player used spell i would say something like heroic leap+thunderstorm, now that would be win

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    Quote Originally Posted by capslocked View Post
    Cat form and auto attack.
    Auto attack in cat form.
    You sir are a genius wish blizz would implement that :P

    OT: Conjure mana gem and mining - Conjure gold
    Quote Originally Posted by Bashiok
    Posted by Bashiok
    Haha, don't worry about it. It's like, three clicks for me to suspend someone. It's super duper easy.

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    Hows about thunder clap and lava burst. Somehow u stomp so hard lava bursts fly at ur enemies...

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    Charge and Death grip... to switch places (?)
    Aimed Shot and Death Stirke... Oh wait, Chimera Shot already exists :S

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    Death Grip and Life Grip.

    I wanna rip people apart.
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    Lay on Hands and Shadow Word: Death. Yeah.

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    Fireball and Frostbol... owait.
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    Flame Wreath
    5 second uninterruptible cast. Targets 3 random people in the raid. If there is no one close to them, nothing happens. If there are any other players near the target, it creates a circle of fire on the ground for 15 seconds. Anyone who crosses the flame wreath will trigger a 3-4k explosion that hits everyone in the room. It is important that everyone in the raid hold still as his flame wreath finishes casting

    Defiles the area under a random target. Any enemies caught within this area will be dealt shadow damage and cause the area to grow. Lasts 30s.

    I think that would be a fairly brutal combo.
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    Steady shot and cobra shot (or just make all the mm talents that effect steady work with cobra)

    Widow Venom and... any hunter shot.

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    Hmm Pummel and Have Guild, Will Travel, so that I can punch people whenever they're being retarded. I'd love that.

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    Death grip magma totem: Basically a totem pulls every enemy within 30 yards to it every second.

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    Shadow Nova and Electrical Discharge (two raid-boss spells)
    "Nova Discharge" would be able to kill everything within many MANY yards.
    WoW's counterpart to a nuclear bomb!

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    fury of frostmourne and ice lance

    because it's the (il)logical conclusion

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    hurricane of knives (hurricane+fan of knives = stabby rain)
    hammer of righteous death (hammer of the righteous + deathstrike)

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    Auto Attack and pick pocket XD

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