View Poll Results: Blizzard's favorite class this expansion?

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  • Death Knight

    106 8.37%
  • Druids

    19 1.50%
  • Hunter

    57 4.50%
  • Mage

    897 70.80%
  • Paladin

    37 2.92%
  • Priest

    18 1.42%
  • Rogue

    24 1.89%
  • Shaman

    27 2.13%
  • Warlock

    17 1.34%
  • Warrior

    65 5.13%
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    Quote Originally Posted by skylla05 View Post
    This thread was obviously created with the intentions to call Mages out, not even sure why it's still here. While they probably haven't got the "most attention", they've certainly seen very little negative attention.

    That said, I'd argue that other classes have received more positive attention though. People are just hellbent to see the negative for Mages... and Blizzard isn't delivering.
    Where did the OP mention mages? There is zero bias in his posting against any class, it's a simple question with a very clear result. So when the community comes to the conclusion that mages are the most "favored" class, he's calling out? Use your fucking brain and try to think before you dump your bullshit.

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    i looked at these results an /gasp dks have been hit with so many nerfs because of pvp babys that our pve game is jacked up an we still gettin hit even more its like were soon to be the zero class not hero
    "I'm Tru @ w/e I do" ~ TM

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    Hunters= get to 85 do 15k-18k+ dps in 346 or less blues, raid gear =top dps/damage, and yet they were semi-recently "nerfed" , dont see too many people crying about that though, just cry alot about mages .all good, hunters can still be the top dps /damage even after "nerfs" that just required them to switch to another spec to be top again..all good there, totally

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    haha.. i love pve-tards crying about "pvp babys" and how they are ruining their "pve game".

    Yea... its not a pve game... its a mmo with both pve and pvp... stop crying and move out of fire!

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    I wonder who are the 27 people that voted for Shaman. Lulz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakarimas View Post
    haha.. i love pve-tards crying about "pvp babys" and how they are ruining their "pve game".

    Yea... its not a pve game... its a mmo with both pve and pvp... stop crying and move out of fire!
    WoW is a PvE game that has PvP on the side.

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    Aahahahahah, those results.

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    Fire the baldy already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palidan View Post
    I wonder who are the 27 people that voted for Shaman. Lulz.
    People that got Thunderstormed off of the flag area in EotS or off of LM in AB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Áreoneon View Post
    I agree with Mage overall, as Arcane kills PvE and Frost just laughs at PvP.

    However from a pure PvE standpoint, you have to mention Hunters, they are just rediculous right now even under the hands of a pure bad.

    Also PvP, someone has to mention Shamans. LOL Hex / Purge / Ranged Interupt.

    Hex and purge is OP, really? I'm glad you're not a dev. You would probably nerf stealth too "rogues are invisible, nerf!"

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    The few that voted for rogue & shaman must have stopped playing sometime during TBC, or be very oblivious to what goes on.

    Mages easily, as everyone has said And I say it again

    They always have an adjustment in nearly every PTR update for a while now, whether it is a nerf or a buff, indicating they get a lot more attention in general.

    Ahh I can see it now, a pet mage perched on the Dev's desks.

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    Mage, Derp.

    Quote Originally Posted by godofslack View Post
    To be fair the people who honestly believe that blizzard favors a single class are stupid plain and simple. That doesn't make any logical sense, why on earth would a company make one section of it's player base better than the rest?

    I'm sure mage will win the poll. But, that's because 70% of people on MMO-champion are band-wagon jumpers and 10% are utterly ignorant. It's a shame that the 70% of sheep often listen to the 10% that are ignorant.
    Obvious troll is obvious, or you're a Mage lol...
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    Mages, hunters and currently ferulz.
    DK's that have been voted were pvp I guess? Raid dps we've seen glory in the start but we got nerfed hard with unholy now being near-bottom dps. I wouldn't say most favoured in PvE

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    LOL Ferals the most favored in Cata?? Did you miss the part of the shapeshift nerf? The break of our end talent? The nerf to FB that made it just about useless? The fact that we now have to spam Shred, cause we don't have a finisher? Yeah vote Ferals for sure......

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    This poll just keeps getting better. Every time some thinks mages are "fine l2play" we should redirect em to this. And what my above druid fella [email protected] Shapeshifting nerf ruined feral pvp.

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    Was obvious which class would "win" :P
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