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    Do you sleep with socks on?

    I do but people think Im weird. Do you?

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    when it is cold.

    Why should it matter what people think in that matter ?
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    Big wool socks in the winter make life a little better. Do it. No fear.

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    just when its cold

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    i always go to sleep with socks on, but mostly end up taking them off in bed.

    result: socks everywhere

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    I hate wearing socks to's like tinny little rabbits are suffocating my feet with thir incessant fluffyness, keeping my toes from being able to move or breathe.
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    I don't. I've tried, but always end up taking them off.

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    Yes, most of the time.

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    It gets really hot most of the time, but some people take it really seriously.

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    I have allways slept naked, I will always sleep naked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post
    when it is cold.

    Why should it matter what people think in that matter ?
    idd.. if you like it you do.. and why it's weird ? :s
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    No I don't, nor do I wear them around my apartment; it is either barefoot or flip-flops for me, just socks makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echohunter View Post
    I don't. I've tried, but always end up taking them off.
    Message too Short.

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    I usaly sleep without them my socks always gets to dirty anyway as i usaly go outside on the lawn with them time to time >.>

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    Unless it's in the middle of the Finnish winter, no, I can't stand having socks on when in bed. Even then it's some of my ridiculous wooly aloe vera (don't ask; I didn't) fiber socks that don't really constrict the foot at all.

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    I hate wearing socks. I try to go barefoot whenever and wherever I can.

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    I Never sleep with Socks on no matter how cold it is!

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    0.o I hate to wear socks at any time (Except winter).

    But I could never ever sleep with socks on.

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    I rarely wear socks at all, and never to sleep.

    If I do fall asleep with them on for some reason, 9/10 times they don't last the night. It just feels bad.
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    I hate my feet getting warm at night...I keep my feet out of the covers

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