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    If nobody is at my house I am in a t-shirt and underwear ALL OF THE TIME. Sleep in it too. Never wear socks unless I am going out of my house.

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    Never. I heard your feet get wrinkled really fast if you do!

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    I do not. Having your feet covered all day AND night is never a good idea. It is good that they "Air Out" every so often.

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    I almost always wear flip flops, so no.

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    i hate for my feet to get dry so I sleep with socks on

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    Yes I like sleeping with socks on, it just feels weird not too :/

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    I have sensitive feet or something.. cause i hate socks.

    when i have to wear socks for work (normally work at warehouses so have to wear steel toe boots) the socks have to be super thin and must be no longer then the middle of that.. kind of bone bump.. cant think of what it's called.

    I'm also one those ppl who stick thier feet out of the blanket even if its the dead of winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosuko View Post
    i always go to sleep with socks on, but mostly end up taking them off in bed.

    result: socks everywhere
    Yup same here.

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    Oh god no, for some reason when in bed anything on my feet drives me nuts and I can't sleep.
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    I never never wear socks to bed, it's too odd and uncomfortable for me to do it >.>.

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    keeping my toes from being able to move or breathe.
    Yep! I can't wear much when i go to sleep. Even if it's cold, i don't wear socks, i like being cold when i get into bed then warming up. Sends me off to sleep for some reason.

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    Of course not... That would be... Just... Plain wrong :P Just imo.
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    I only wear them just to go to bed and remove them!!

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    When it's cold.

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    I've been in every situation regarding sleep + clothes.

    Sleeping fully clothed in jeans and a jacket when it's been a cold day and then turns warm at night (usually i'm just too tired to care).
    Sleeping completely starkers even when it's freezing outside... and i have the windows open. Yes... naturally curl up and usually roll off the bed by morning because of it.
    Sleeping with my jeans as a pillow... while my real pillows are at the other end of the bed.

    So socks generally just either stay on, or make their own way onto the floor through the course of the night. Most nights it's usually just underwear, and then depending on how warm or cold it is, either sleeping completely spread out on top of the quilt or rolled up in it so i struggle to move when i wake up. Yeah, i'm all over the place, and my sleep pattern agrees.

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    i go commando!
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    there are only 3 situations when you sleep with your socks on:
    1. when you are feeling old.
    2. when u are feeling tired and became laze.
    3. when your socks smell good. lOLZZZ ..

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    I am always barefoot when in the house.

    It feels nice barefoot in bed when my feet are cold, I can cuddle up and be comfortable.

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