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    Shadow dps

    I am far away from being able to call myself a skilled shadowpriest and therefor I wonder if any skilled shadowpriest
    could help me out abit with some tips and tricks.( I've read on Elitistjerks about shadow priests). But I wonder if
    anyone could narrow it down and make it "easier to understand" for someone less intelligent(like me) when it comes to the
    class and spec.
    The reason I'm asking for the help is because my priest usually attends my guilds alt raids and
    I want to be able to bring a character with whom I can make high dps.

    To give a example: Aoe packs like, Maloriak, Cho'gall and Magmaw(we haven't really touched Throne of the four Winds yet).
    To maximize the Aoe dps, how would I go about doing it? I usually try to stack Evangelism and blow up a shadow orb
    (if avaiable) and then use mind sear.

    When it comes to single target dps, if lets say I get to 3stacks of Evangelism and get a shadow orb, do i want to cancel my
    Mindflay to blow it up or should I keep on chanelning the spell?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, I haven't gotten the hang of multi-dotting, but the general rule that my server's Spriests follow is this: Under 4 targets, multi dot. More than 4, Mind Sear.

    Don't bother waiting for orbs or anything, you should have Empowering Shadows up before the adds spawn. Just Mind Sear away.

    Also, Mind Flay is your filler spell. If you have to clip it short to do something better, such as refresh a DoT or use Mind Blast, do it. Right after you do, you'll go back to mind flay and the stacks of Evangelism will still be there (they don't just instantly drop off).

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    Thanks I'll try to keep what you said in mind during our next raid.

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