Thread: Wow. sad day.

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    Wow. sad day.

    Soo, casually trolling the book of faces when someone send's me a youtube link, turn's out.. I know the guy in the video..

    Anything sad to come from your day in the way of a youtube clip?

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    You got sent a youtube video, with a guy you know in it. What's sad about that exactly?

    Edit: it appears that I can't see the video because i'm on an ipad.
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    That was... wierd.

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    What did I just watch OP?

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    Your name combined with the fact that you know this guy makes it hilarious op.

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    Wieeeeeerdddddddddddddd......... WTF.
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    But... It's Friday, Friday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KpEMuKoBcu View Post
    Your name combined with the fact that you know this guy makes it hilarious op.
    That plus the avatar.

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    I....I just don't know what to say

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