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    Funny/interesting website links thread.

    Hey folks, bored at work and just thought it would be nice to compile a list of funny and/or interesting fact websites to kill time.

    2 of my personal favorites are www.listverse.com (top 10 lists, pretty interesting) and www.damnlol.com (lots of funny pictures). www.wimp.com (daily posts of random videos) is also pretty interesting.

    What funny and/or interesting websites do you folks browse to kill time?
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    damnlol.com is a stupid ripoff of a site. all they do is copy images from other sites and claim the ad revenue when people look at them and give no credit to the original artist
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    My buddy just sent me this link: gngc.whocat.com

    Looks like it is brand new, has a few funny things on it though.

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    Looking through listverse right now. Looks like some good reads, but user-submitted things like this might turn out bad.

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