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    I really want to like this game, since the premisse sounds very interesting. But I also have my doubts that it'll last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roast View Post
    Hmm, seem like another standard MMO, I think I'll wait for some more info before I make any decisions.
    No leveling system, no classes, recreation of Earth.
    This is as far from a regular MMO you can come without it not being an MMO. And it sounds awesome!

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    if it wasn't a mmo it would be a nice game,i'd buy it

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    The idea is good enough, but it sounds half assed maked, and if its supposed to be released at the same time as Guild Wars 2 (and maybe SWTOR), then it got no real chance.

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    This game is looking more and more undesirable by the day. When I first heard about it and saw the trailers, it sounded like a unique and fun concept. Now, the gameplay is coming off as generic, uninspired, and overall lackluster. No to mention the atmosphere and and world leave much to be desired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by looki View Post
    This type mmo might work, tho they need something to aim for. Gear, rewards. Things to be proud of.

    •No leveling system --> hmm, okay. maybe its a good thing
    •familiar places of World --> I really like that.
    •Conspiracy theories of the world (finding clues in game) --> I also like this idea.
    •all "questgivers" talks --> why have quests when you cant leveling ?
    •No classes (freedom of play) --> They need some sort of diffrent classes.
    •our Modern time. --> I like the idea, we need some new stuff, just no dragon world.
    •thousands of weapons and powers. --> Oh yes, give me more ^^
    •dress what you want to wear. --> Worse case you can go around naked.
    Because not everything is about levels. It's an adventure.
    A game can work without classes. Look at RuneScape for example, they don't have classes but they have different combat styles.

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    Yay Another MMO, as long as the controls work the Interface is clean with a good chat system & the game has plenty of silly nothings to keep me interested that it will be great..

    I thought the longest journey was a good game buggy as hell but nice story...

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    they have said they learned from AOC mistakes. also they have acutally manage to make the game better on AOC mistake..... ive heard.

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    I've been keeping my eye on this game for the last 18 months or so, It is looking pretty neat so far, I like how the starting area is zombies. Always fun taking out those bastards. Game play does look weird, but I thought the same for AOC combat, but really came to like it. Hoping a playable demo comes out to give it try, would really make me decide to buy it or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zao View Post
    I really want to like this game, since the premisse sounds very interesting. But I also have my doubts that it'll last.
    I spent a few hours a few weeks ago reading up on the game andI couldn't have said it better myself, setting and concept both seem really fresh and interesting but there is nothing that really makes it a WoW-I-really-want-to-try-this-game-out! Aka, the WoW-factor is missing at the moment. Surroundings and character design seem quite bland from the artwork and ingame vids, and yeah I'm assuming this will get polished. Hopefully they will release some other gamedefining mechanic in the future.

    I know they are trying to create a story driven MMO, but I don't really think it's going to work.

    SinglePlayer RPGs = StoryDriven

    MMOs = Grinding, Raiding, Mash through quest text and story asap to level faster.

    Sorry if I seem narrowminded, but I think most people who want a good RPG experience would rather pick up something like ME, DA, BG, NWN, KOTOR or The Witcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonfictionless View Post
    So I just watched their demo video showing how the skills work and I am a little confused. They advertise as there are no levels yet you have exp. When you fill one exp bar you get a skill point (like normal leveling). And to really chooses any skill that isn't the first one in what they call a "cell" you have to get them progressively. So each "cell" acts like a skill tree. So can someone explain how this isn't just like having levels? I'm all for doing something new but this isn't new. It is just leveling without the number next to your character.
    It's not like levelling because it doesn't automatically increase your characters stats/resistance/hit-miss-etc chances, like in WoW where a level 10 character can't touch a level 30 character at all.
    With a skill system instead of levelling, a guy with 10 skillpoints can even kill someone with 50 skillpoints even though the 50 skillpoint guy has a pretty huge advantage.

    Quote Originally Posted by looki View Post
    [/COLOR] •all "questgivers" talks --> [COLOR="red"]why have quests when you cant leveling ?
    To get stuff? Currency, gear, lore and other stuff. And for FUN?

    •No classes (freedom of play) [COLOR="red"]--> They need some sort of diffrent classes.
    There's many MMO's without classes and classes really doesn't add that much to the game except forcing people to re-play through the game to try another class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcanasm View Post
    It's Funcom, that means it's going to be the most creative and original concept in MMO history, which will get released as the most half-finished and unplayable piece of shit you can possibly imagine. One data point is an outlier. Two is a trend. Failcom has followed this pattern with AoC and AO. This will just be their next half-finished MMO bomb.
    Every Mmo ever released was a half finished pile of crap Even WoW.
    Sure if you were to look at AoC today it is in one hell of a lot better condition than it was during it's initial release

    When Wow was first released
    #1 there was no end game content
    #2 servers crashed several times daily
    #3 recently acquired items were lost when servers crashed (any item acquired within 15 minutes of the crash)
    #4 patches took 5+ hours to download regardless of connection speed
    #5 Patch day always meant extended maintenance followed by 2 days of constant server resets.

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    It looked very interesting untill I saw the ingame footage.

    The combat system doesn't look "mmorpg-like" to me and looks weird to me.
    However. this is just my first impression so maybe when I saw this later on it will look better to me.

    Oh, and I'm probably one of the few who think this but I'm no fan of spoken quest dialog.
    Skipping it sounds wrong and listening to all it useally takes too long.
    I, personally, am a big fan of the written text as in wow.

    If I've already done the q on a different char I can skip it and If I didn't I can read it in the time I need for it.
    I probably read faster then spoken text so it's quicker to read (for me).
    Also voice acting is sometimes just soooo bad it can ruin a great atmosphere.

    Still, it could be an intersting game.

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    It will be free to play, with micro transactions, so im sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionite View Post
    I like modern settings. I dislike their combat gameplay though.

    I'd rather have them make a new The Longest Journey.
    Malkavian avatar, huh? Let me guess, you live in either Germany or Sweden, don't you?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    It will be free to play, with micro transactions, so im sold.
    O rly? I hadn't heard that.

    Here's hoping it won't be pay-to-win.

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    some news: new area revealed. if you like amusement park

    and: Innsmouth Academy. creepy laboratory...

    otherwise if i dident mention it, most of the stories is from real life persons and areas. kinda cool

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    ehh, hoping funcom doesn't pull their usually shit of "pulling the rug" on dev once they sell enough copies.
    looks like it will be fun either way though.

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    bah sucks when you writing mostly right but miss-write the secret world thread :C

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    I love the ideas that they have with this game. Funcom has good ideas in all of their games, implementation can sometimes be the issue with them though. Still, I'm greatly interested in this one. Only thing I'm kind of iffy on are the character models. AoC had great character models, probably the best around, so I'm kind of surprised that the ones here aren't as good.

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